On April 5, 2014 in Amherst, Virginia, the North American Catch Wrestling Association will be hosting their Regional Qualifier submission wrestling tournament

Just confirmed to attend the Virginia Shooter’s Challenge on April 5th, Lou Thesz  protege Mark Fleming! Mr. Fleming was the head coach of The Norfolk School of Wrestling under the direction of Mr. Thesz for 8 years. Mr. Fleming owns and operates Fleming’s Gym in Portsmouth, VA.

He was a district champion wrestler in high school, a competitor in the National Wrestling Alliance as well as the Union of Wrestling Forces International (UWFi) in Japan. A former 3x Virginia Heavyweight Champion and International Heavyweight Champion. We are proud to have Mr. Fleming appearing at the Virginia Shooter’s Challenge.


On April 5, 2014 in Amherst, Virginia, the North American Catch Wrestling Association will be hosting their Regional Qualifier submission wrestling tournament, the Virginia Shooter’s Challenge will take place at Amherst County High School 139 Lancer Lane Amherst, VA 24521.


This tournament will be held under traditional American catch wrestling rules, where you can win by submission or pin. There are no points, no politics, and no sandbagging. Grapplers of all styles, organizations, and levels of experience are welcome.


The six weight divisions of the tournament are:

· Super Light – 140 pounds

· Light – 160 pounds

· Middle – 180 pounds

· Light Heavy – 200 pounds

· Heavy – 225 pounds

· Super Heavy – over 225 pounds


There will be an open division and women’s division as well. The women’s division will use the Madison System and will have no weight divisions, with competitors matched closest to their weights.


The tournament will not have any points scored, as matches are based on win, lose, or draw format. There are no divisions by experience level in order to stop sandbagging. All kinds of submissions are allowed, except groin attacks, fish hooking, spitting, biting, hair grabbing, intentional striking, and kicking.


All winners will gain an automatic invitation to compete in this year’s national tournament, The Liberty Bell Classic held in Philadelphia, PA.


Early and online registration is only $40, whereas door registration will cost $60. Registration covers both weight division and absolute division, and will end at 12 midnight EDT, March 28, 2014. Registration forms, rules, and regulations can be found on NACWA’s website,athttp://NACWA.weebly.com.





About NACWA and Catch Wrestling:

NACWA (North American Catch Wrestling Association) is an American association for catch wrestling that promotes and hosts catch-as-catch-can submission wrestling tournaments. NACWA is a grassroots organization started by Daniel Kanagie as a means to bring back real

American submission wrestling.


Catch wrestling is a classical, hybrid grappling type of wrestling developed in 1870. It was later popularized by carnival wrestlers who refined new submission holds and hooks to be more effective against opponents.

North American Catch Wrestling Association http://nacwa.weebly.com/

Virginia Shooter's Challenge

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