Australian Fighting Championship CEO Adam Milankovic walking for Charity in Albury

On Saturday 6th April Australian Fighting Championship CEO Adam Milankovic will be joining the Holbrook to Albury leg of the ‘March with Me’ campaign for the ‘Love me love you’ foundation. Adam will then continue the walk on Sunday from Albury to Rutherglen.

Love Me Love You is a youth focused mental health not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving and empowering young Australians by getting them “Back to School, Back to Sport, Back to Life!”.

Over the 2 days Adam will be walking a total of 108.1km to raise awareness about prevention, intervention and control of youth mental health disorders. “The AFC stongly support the Love Me Love You Foundation and we believe we can help with this cause as there is so much about Martial Arts that people don’t know or understand. By being involved in this culture there are so many benefits and positives that martial arts can give to this cause” Milankovic says.

Martial arts has long been a supportive and structured environment for people struggling with mental health. It provides a sense of community, belonging and guidance which can have a life changing effect on struggling youth.

Adam will be joined by ex-AFL footballers Shane Crawford who has been a huge campaigner for raising awareness for women’s breast cancer, former Hawthorn, Kangaroos and Adelaide player Lance Picioane, ex Carlton player Luke Livingston and former Richmond and Fitzroy legend John Rombotis.

The AFC will be coming back to Albury to hold Australia’s biggest Mixed martial arts event on May 17th, AFC9. This will be a huge financial winfall for the Albury area with the North Albury football club teaming up with the AFC to help stage the event under the Big Top tent marquee at their football ground. There will be an expected 3,500-4000 people heading to watch Australia’s premier mixed martial arts event. Adam hopes that he can bring awareness and education about the sport and help people see that martial arts is actually a good healthy activity for the community.

You can donate to Adam’s cause by going to the following link:

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