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Arena Fire Fight Championship 2 Confirmed for March 7th

Arena Fire Fight Championship 2 Confirmed for March 7th After a period without any major MMA event, the city of Goiás Alexânia prepares to host the second edition of ARENA FIRE FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP on 07 March 20015, an event that will have 12 matches of Mixed Martial Arts on your card.   The event already released the 3 main events   In the main event of the evening will be a title defense up to 66kg, Luiz “Carroça” measures forces against Danilo Noronha by dividing Sentencing weights. The long awaited battle between Carroça and Noronha was scheduled at the beginning of the year and both have been preparing everything for this collision inside the cage. In the co-main event, the category of Light weights, the category title fight will be between Goias fighter Geraldo Ferro Shooto’s former champion Brazil and Mato Grosso do Sul representative...

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Arena Fire Fight Championship Results

Arena Fire Fight Championship Results 10/4/2014 Ginásio de Esportes Pinguim- Bairro Santo André Anápolis-Goiás Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues da Conceição defeated William Sabino Rodriguez by decision (unanimous) [FULL FIGHT VIDEO] Alexandre Martins da Silva beat Rodrigo Andrade da Silva by TKO (punches) at 0:56seconds of the second round Claudio Marmore won Acácio Pereira Amorim by TKO (punches) at 2:20 of round one(punches to the ribs) Robby Schmitt finished Dione Paiva  with a guillotine to 0:29 seconds into the first round Romario Faria finalised Luiz Fernando with an armbar to 1:30 of the first round Leonardo Ivo finished Gracilei Oliveira with key arm in the triangle 3:59 of round Renato Geovane Silva finalized Rosalino Menezes armbar to 2:53 of the first round Sebastiao Junio Ribeiro Costa won by Marcos Vinicius drawback (led kicks and punches and asked to stop the fight) Igor de Azevedo won Carlos Kisley dos Santos by TKO to 1:59 of the first round Eduardo Santiago won Fernando Fernandes with a rear naked choke at 1:40 the first round Geovane Magal won Fellype Martins Pais Rocha with a stranglehold on the back(esgana Rooster) to 4:57 of the first round...

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Arena Fire Fight Championship 1 Oct 4th in Anapolis, Goias

Arena Fire Fight Championship Will be held on October 4, 2014 in the city of Anapolis, Goias, which is the first edition of the event Arena Fire Fight Championship. The event will feature 11 professional fights, MMA and wrestling 3 completing the Arena Fire Fight Championship that is going to happen in the gym Carlos Pina in Anapolis, and starts the 19:00 HR The fighters who will compose the card of the first edition of the Fire Fight has not yet been announced, but the expectation is that the names be revealed in the coming weeks. Big promises in Anapolis, Goias and must compose the event card. Ismael Groundhog for example is a fighter in the State of Goias which participated in the TUF Brazil 3, and waits for an opportunity to fight the biggest MMA event in the world that is the UFC. TICKETS: Sales locations: Academy metamorphosis bairro são joao Academy Physio Manu’s form Academy Ph. Manu Academy ipon. Center Academy bio form Center Values: 15.00 bleachers 25.00 chairs, on the side of the Octagon.   CARD FIGHT   William Sabino Rodriguez vs Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues da Conceição   Rodrigo Andrade da Silva vs Alexandre Martins da Silva   Acácio Pereira Amorim vs Claudio Marmore   Dione Paiva vs Robby Schmitt   Romário Faria vs Luiz Fernando   Leonardo Ivo vs Gracilei Oliveira   Renato Geovane Silva vs Rosalino Menezes   Marcos Vinicius vs Sebastião Junio ??Ribeiro Costa   Igor de Azevedo vs Carlos Kisley dos Santos   Clayde Monteiro vs Paulo Eduardo Feitosa   Ozeias Campos vs Marcelo Henrique Santos   Fernando Fernandes vs Eduardo...

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