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Sport Mix Show – The Show Fights

  PRESS Sport Mix Show – The Show Fights of the West Zone West Zone Event brings a weekend for sports fans The 12, 13 and 14 September, respectively Friday, Saturday and Sunday, reserve practitioners, athletes and martial arts fans a true overdose of emotions and rain with the one proposed by Marcelo Garcia and Marcos Pessanha Event, Sport Mix Show. ‘s partners and friends have already promoted two other events, the Carcelo Cup BJJ yet in his 3a. and the first edition. Edition of Four Fight, MMA event and both public and quite successfully, but now the project is much more comprehensive, ambitious and fantastic, aiming to impact West Zone and bring a whole weekend of activities. Attractions Event: * 03 Fights days; * Food Court; * Children’s Entertainment; * Food Court; * Diving Course in Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi Internet * released to visitors Event; * Stands for sale Fitness Clothing and Fightwear; * Stand-Ins , * Two Super Large...

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Sport Mix Show happens this weekend of 12th to September 14th, Rio de Janeiro

  PRESS (Credit of Photos: Fábio Caxias / MMA4EVER) Four Fight 2 – Are you ready?  Event MMA, happen within the Sport Mix Show Kicking off the weekend of the “Biggest Event Fights!” Mix Sport Show, comes the Four Fight in his second.Edition, an event that in his MMA debut shaken the foundations of the West Zone, showing great structure, organization and a stuffed card for avid athletes show their skills and show up to the national scene. In its first edition in 2013, brought together about a thousand people in Bangu Atlético Clube, with 26 wrestlers between amateurs and professionals, providing the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro a positive immersion in MMA, enabling the increase in demand of the academies in the region of Bangu, Padre Miguel, Realengo, Campo Grande and nearby. Accordingly, on September 12, from 19hs at the Convention Center Padre Miguel, we...

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