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21 Companies That Sponsor Fighters Reveal What They Look For In You

21 Companies That Sponsor Fighters Reveal What They Look For In You by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here. Link to MMA SOMNIA’s orignal article There are a ton of companies that sponsor fighters. So why is it that so many fighters have a hard time getting sponsored? The key is to understand what these companies look for. Do you think you need to be ranked #1 to get noticed by sponsors? Think again. Although winning is important, in this expert roundup you’ll discover that self-promotion, marketing, and reaching out to companies is far more crucial to getting sponsored.   Whether you’re an MMA fan, an amateur fighter, or a seasoned pro, when it comes to sponsorships we all know there’s a huge disconnect between the expectations of fighters and businesses. Since the internet is filled with arguments and conflicting information, I created...

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Grow Your Fan Base: How To Get 1000 Facebook Likes In 30 Days

Whether you’re in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, or another combat sport, you’ve heard it time and time again: To attract sponsors you need to GROW YOUR FAN BASE. Get more Facebook fans, get more likes, get more, more, more! Today I’ll show you how to do exactly that: I’m going to teach you how to get over 1000 Facebook likes on your fan page in the next 30 days. 1000+ New Facebook Fans In The Next 30 Days You’ve already asked all your friends and relatives to like your page, including your 2nd Aunt and her bingo friends. Now you’re all tapped out and your Facebook fan count languishes in exile, like the man in the iron mask. Maybe you even lost a couple Likes! Doesn’t that suck? Yesterday your Facebook fan page likes were at “43”. Today you check and it’s at “41”. I remember the first time that...

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Hook MMA And BJJ Sponsors Like Fish

Hook MMA And BJJ Sponsors Like Fish by Solmadrid Vazquez | Get free updates of new posts here. Link to original article   Your moment has arrived.  You’re speaking with an MMA or BJJ sponsor and they ask you to tell them about yourself. You give them your awesome elevator speech, which impresses them good and dandy. But now what? Well, you gave them a solid jab (elevator speech), and now you need to come hard with the overhand right. The overhand right is a compelling story: a story that hooks the sponsor by getting them emotionally charged.   Exclusive Bonus: Click here to download a free template that gives you the ability to speak to sponsors with confidence and authority! Get your hooks ready Many moons ago, when I was 6, my father took me on my first fishing trip, at a place called Apple Hill. It wasn’t really...

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