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NEW ENGLAND FIGHTS: NEF XVIII LIVE RESULTS Michaal Hartley is reporting the NEF 18 “Made in America” Quick Results from The Androscoggin Bank Colisée 190 Birch St, Lewiston, Maine Follow Michaal Hartley on Periscope for extended coverage! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– NOTE: We will try and get the missing results ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience  PROFESSIONAL 150 Bruce Boyington 10-8 (Boyington’s TKD) vs John Raio 2-7 (First Class) Bruce Boyington 11-8 defeats John Raio 2-8 in their anticipated rematch in the 2nd round via tapout due to strikes 185 Ryan Cowette 2-2 (MMA Athletix) vs Crowsneck Boutin 0-0 (Choi) Crowsneck Bouton 1-0 defeats Ryan Cowette 2-2 via unanimous decision. 155 Jesse Erickson 4-4 (CMBJJ–NEU) vs Zenon Herrera 0-0 (Independent) –  Jesse Erickson 5-4 defeats Zenon Herrera 0-1 via tapout due to strikes in round 1 135 Derek Shorey 2-1 (Shatterproof ) vs Jeremy DiChiara 1-0 (Fitplus) – Jeremy Dichiara 2-0 defeats...

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New England Fights XVII Results

New England Fights XVII Results  New England Fights XVII  Randi Beth Knowles vs Alex Walker – Randi Beth Knowles def. Alex Walker via Unanimous Decision Caleb Costello vs Wilmer Carrero – Caleb Costello def. Wilmer Carrero via Guillotine RD1 Mike Crespo vs Sheldon Bang – Sheldon Bang def. Mike Crespo via Unanimous Decision Alex Johnson vs Dustin Shorey – Alex Johnson  def. Dustin Shorey via Guillotine RD1 Clifford Redman vs Caleb Serra – Caleb Serra def. Clifford Redman via Armbar RD3 Rick Matthews vs Matthew Hanning – Matthew Hanning def. Rick Matthews via KO RD1 Ricky Dexter vs Zenon Herrera – Ricky Dexter def. Zenon Herrera via Kimura RD1 CJ Ewer vs Connor Barry – Connor Barry def. CJ Ewer via Triangle Choke RD1 Heath Hanson vs Brandon Russell – Heath Hanson def. Brandon Russell via TKO RD1 Chris Smith vs Dan Meuse – Chris Smith def. Dan Meuse via TKO RD1 Ruben Redman vs Chris...

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