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Results and recap by Craig Ferguson 

Josh Barnett vs. Ryron Gracie

The two stand wrestling for several minutes. Barnett snaps Gracie down and latches onto a guillotine. He uses the hold to slam Gracie to the mat. Barnett has double underhooks and grinds away trying to pass Gracie’s half guard. After several attempts to pass, Gracie is able to recover full guard. Gracie works the high guard for a while and seems to have stopped Barnett’s onslaught for the moment, but Barnett eventually explodes past the guard, knee cutting to one side before switching directions and passing to the other. Barnett moves to North/South. Gracie throws up his legs to counter the North/South, but Barnett dives on his foot. Barnett cranks the toehold and Gracie taps.

Josh Barnett submits Ryron Grace via toehold with 7:03 left.

Chael Sonnen vs. Babalu Sobral

Chael tries to snap Babalu down and Babalu pulls guard. Sonnen is on top of Sobral for the next twenty minutes. Sobral tries to submit the wrestler, but it’s no use. Sonnen protects his arms and cages Sobral’s hips. Chael made no credible effort to pass the guard for the entire match.


Joe Lauzon vs. Dillon Danis

Danis comes out aggressive and immediately begins attacking submissions; first a leglock, then an arm-in guillotine. They scramble and Danis winds up on the back. Lauzon defends the choke over and over. When he finally escapes, Danis rolls into an armbar. Lauzon escapes. Danis on top. As he passes the guard, Danis dives on a D’Arce choke and gets the tap.

Dillon Danis submits Joe Lauzon via D’Arce choke with 14:19 left

Zande Ribeiro vs. Keenan Cornelius

Keenan pulls right to a worm guard using Xande’s belt instead of the lapel. Xande is countering well using grips and base to stay on top. Keenan uses it to sweep and tried to come out the back. Keenan close to passing, but Xande has a cross collar grip and sinks the second grip for a cross choke to stop the pass. Keenan is using all his tools, and comes close to passing with the wrecking ball pass. Keenan keeps trying, but Xande’s guard will not be passed. Xande catches Keenan jumping for a pass and sweeps him over. Keenan comes on top, but Xande barrels up with a double-leg takedow. Keenan uses the worm guard to stand and is threatening the back – then swings his leg over for a terrific armlock entry. Xande escapes. Another backstep pass attempt. Xande comes out on top again – but he is visibly frustrated – throwing Keenan’s belt in his face. In a dynamic attack from Keenan, he uses the worm guard to sort of somersault over and enters a crucifix. Xande escapes after a repositioning by the referee. There is more exciting action in the final minutes as Keenan uses a tornado-style sweep to reverse positions and comes out on Xande’s back, but the veteran will not be held in any bad position. Fantastic matchup with Xande using fundamentals to ward off Keenan’s inventive and novel attacks.


Clark Gracie vs. Roberto Satoshi

The first half of this match sees Gracie hunting the omoplata relentlessly from the open guard. There are good exchanges and attacks by both men. Satoshi almost hits a flying triangle and afterwards Gracie always pulls first if the two engage standing with grips. Gracie has an omoplata entry from the double-stack pass that is worthy of an instructional video. Satoshi explodes into an x-pass and later uses an omoplata entry of his own to attack an armlock that almost ends the match. Very dynamic contest overall.


Evandro Nunes vs. Jimmy Friedrich

Friedrich sits immediately and commences twenty minutes of attempting to enter leglocks by inverting from half guard. This worked for Friedrich all through the tournament to get here, but Nunes is wise to it. Nunes is trying to pass with the double-under pass and is close a couple times, but never solidifies a dominant position. As the match wears on Friedrich’s guillotine feints become a little more serious and he tries to attack an armbar once – but basically keeps spamming the leglock. As time expires, Nunes shoots a flying triangle attempt and Friendrich makes as though he wants to play donkey guard for a second.


Michael Liera Jr vs Morgan Niedlinger
Liera jumps guard and establishes the closed guard. Niedlinger spends nearly five minutes in the closed guard. Liera uses a waiter sweep to dump Niedlinger. When Niedliger tries to counter and come on top, Liera is waiting with a triangle. Niedlinger defends. Liera begins playing an open guard and De La Riva variations. He uses the same sweep to setup the triangle but this timeNiedlinger is ready. Liera enters the omoplata and uses it to sweep Niedlinger. Liera is on top in side control. He wraps the far arm with the lapel and steps over for the triangle. Niedlinger escapes and is on top but seems spent. Liera sweeps him easily and works aggressively for the pass. Niedlinger attempts an kneebar, but it’s not close. Liera has a kneebar attempt of his own – entering again from the omoplata. Niedlinger rolls out. They are re-started on the feet. Liera has one last guard pull but cannot get anything going before time expires.


Greg McIntyre vs Franciso Itturalde

Itturalde pulls guard with a triangle attempt and establishes a high closed guard. He transitions to the omoplata which McIntyre briefly escapes with an ankle lock attempt. Itturalde re-establishes the omoplata from the open guard. Itturalde attacks a reverse armbar from the omoplata. As McIntyre rolls to escape, Itturalde transitions to a more conventional armbar and gets the tap.

Francisco Itturalde defeats Greg McIntyre via armbar at 13:21 time left


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