Sports Games for Betting (and MMA) Fans


Sports Games for Betting (and MMA) Fans



Sports Games for Betting (and MMA) Fans

All your bets are placed. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the match to begin. You can hardly wait for it to start - you have the cold ones at hand, the popcorn is fresh and fragrant... now all that's missing is the game. Alas, there's still time to kill. You feel like playing a game, but you don't want to take out your favorite MMO or shooter - who knows, you might immerse yourself into its universe for too long, and miss the match. If only there were some games you could kill time with for a few minutes, games that are easy to set aside when the match starts! Well, there are quite a few, as you will see below. And you can try them all at .

Fighting Fish

This is one game you will only find inside the Red Flush Casino's downloadable suite, which means that you'll only be able to play it on a Windows-based PC. Fighting Fish is a game that mixes sea life with martial arts in a unique, funnyway. Inspired by the famous Siamese fighting fish, the game pitches two of these- a red and a blue one - against each other in the underwater match of the century. The game has funky looks, and a funny atmosphere - perfect for killing a few minutes before the match.

Good to Go

If you happen to enjoy motorsports as well as MMA, Good to Go is the game for you. Inspired by the high-speed world of Formula 1, Good to Go offers its players a fast-paced gameplay, filled with action, wins, and pit babes. Most likely created by a Ferrari fan (judging by the color of the race cars, at least), the game runs in the downloadable and desktop browser version of the RedFlush Online Casino.

The "Sports Star" series

Available at the desktop, browser, and mobile version of the Red Flush, the "Sports Star" series is a collection of slot machines inspired by - and paying an homage to - a series of popular sports around the world. The first game in the series, Football Star, was released shortly before 2014's largest soccer event, the FIFA World Cup hosted by Brazil. The game was a great success - to this day it is one of the most played games at the Red Flush Casino.Its success led to the release of further games with the same mechanic, only inspired by different sports. Rugby Star, Cricket Star, and Basketball Star share the same compelling mechanic, the same special features, and the same high-quality graphics. All of them are worth a few minutes of your time - until,at least, the match begins


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