This event is being held at the Abbey Centre Field House, Blackfalds, Alberta. Located at 4500 Womacks Road.

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Garry Tonon vs Mathew Bagshaw

Christian Simmerling vs Clay Davidson

Josh Tomik vs Gabriel Araujo

Matthew Kaiser vs Hayden Francis

Chris Ade vs Tim Tamaki


Reese MacDonald vs Kayla Matton


Huthayfah Penney vs Liam Moss


Submission Ace Championship

Doors will open at 8:00am with weigh-ins beginning immediately. Priority will be given to children and teens from ages 4-17. Their weigh-ins will end at 9:30, PLEASE be sure to have all kids and teens weighed in by this time.

There will be a short introduction on the mats going over the tournament and the way the day will flow. The first kid’s divisions of the day will begin shortly there after. Beginning with the 4-6 year olds and accenting through the age groups.

Adults will continue to weigh in until 12:00 noon. At which time weigh ins will be closed and ALL COMPETITORS should be weighed in.

Divisions will run until 11am, at which time whatever brackets are running will be paused and our S7 superfights will take the mats one at a time from between 11-12, or at which time they end depending on submissions within these matches.

After they have concluded, the paused brackets will resume until all kid’s and teens have finished.

At this point, the adult’s divisions will begin, starting with the Expert brackets and descending through the Experience levels.

Absolute divisions, made up from the winners of every bracket within an experience level, will run directly following the conclusion of the last bracket with said experience level.

The finals of every absolute will be a no time limits, submission only match! Winner takes the belt for their Experience level!

After all the adult divisions from Expert down to Beginner have run, the final divisions (woman’s and master’s) will be run to finish off the day.

Spectators will be free of charge for this event! All photos and filming are welcome. There is an ATM and restaurant on premises.

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