Florida Championship Fighting: FCF Sunday Night Fights – RESULTS Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing

TeamMadHouse member Matthew Gaither is reporting the results from the FCF Sunday Night Fights – Florida Championship Fighting

Results are Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing



Main Event: 155lb Title Fight: Tony Leone vs Jeremy Davis: Leone wins via TKO at 2:59 of the 1st round.

Fight #12 (170lb): Chris Oyola vs Michael Bentley: Bentley wins via Unanimous Decision. (Bentley’s original opponent backed out 10 minutes before the fight. Oyola, a teammate of Bentley’s, stepped up on a 10 minute notice to take the fight.)

Fight #11 (145lb): Christopher Shaw vs Greg Bullington: Shaw wins via TKO at 1:19 of the 3rd round.

Fight #10 (Heavyweight): Sam Cruz vs Michael Kingleon: Kingleon wins via TKO (Timidity) at 2:22 of the 3rd round.

Fight #9 (145lb): Chaney Oliver vs Daniel Edmond: Oliver wins via TKO (injury) at 0:35 of the 2nd round.

Fight #8 (135lb): Jamal Thorton vs Darius Coakley-Bradford: Coakley-Bradford wins via TKO at 2:57 of the 2nd round.

Fight #7 (185lb): Marcus Carter vs Adriel Fiallo: Fiallo wins via KO at 1:18 of the 1st round.

Fight #6 (165lb): Dustin Dixon vs Augusto Zacharius: Zacharius wins via Unanimous Decision.

Fight #5 (155lb): Chris Pope vs Josh Miller: Pope wins via Split Decision.

Fight #4 (145lb): Davin Spidel vs Ty Owens: Owens wins via Guillotine at 1:29 of the 2nd round.

Fight #3 (155lb): Justin Clement vs Steve Zady: Clement wins via Armbar at 0:38 of the 2nd round.

Fight #2 (150lb): Billy Mason vs John Ponds: Ponds wins via Standing Guillotine at 1:08 of the 1st round.

Fight #1 (Exhibition match): Brandon Lewis vs Mikale Furgeson: Lewis wins via Armbar in the 3rd round.

FCF Sunday Night Fights Results



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