559 Fights Liu vs. Mora is back at The Visalia Convention Center


559 Fights Liu vs. Mora is back at The Visalia Convention Center


559 Fights drops the "cage on the stage" at the Visalia Convention Center Friday, May 26th at 6pm!

559 Fights Liu vs. Mora is back at The Visalia Convention Center for 559 Fights Friday, MAy. 26! Doors open at 6, first fight is at 7. Tickets start at just $25 and can be purchased at the Visalia Convention Center or www.559fights.com

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Check out these candid interviews with Austin Liu and Jamie Mora-Munoz
When the fists start to fly, Jamie Mora-Munoz feels right at home in the cage.
That being said, the 21-year-old Napa fighter is counting down the days until he takes on Fresno’s Austin Liu (3-1) for the 559 Fights Flyweight Championship in the 559 Fights 56 main event, May 26 at the Visalia Convention Center.
“I’m very excited,” Mora-Munoz (4-0) says after training with his mentor, former UFC standout Tyson Griffin. “I’m going to go out there, do my best, have some fun -- and hopefully come out with a shiny new belt.”
Mora-Munoz, who works two jobs and is a full-time kinesiology student at Napa Valley College, would like to add a little 559 Fights gold to his collection. But he insists it will be business as usual when his fight gets underway, despite the fact that it will be the main attraction of the card.
“It’s really no different from any other fight,” he says. “Sure, I get to headline the event and win a belt, but every fight is the same, really. I’m going to go out there and do everything I can to get my hand raised, and my opponent is going to do the same.
“Whoever the best man is that night is going to come out with that belt.”
Mora-Munoz isn’t looking past Liu, but he does also have other goals in the world of MMA.
“Ultimately, I want to be the UFC Flyweight Champion,” he says, smiling. “I want to make my living as a professional mixed martial artist. This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was in middle school.”

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When Fresno’s Austin Liu takes on Napa’s Jamie Mora-Munoz for the 559 Fights Flyweight Championship at 559 Fights 56 on May 26 at the Visalia Convention Center, it will be the young fighter’s first main event bout.
While all eyes will be on Liu and Mora-Munoz as they battle for 559 Fights gold, Liu insists he won’t be distracted by the bright lights and the attention of the crowd.
“It’s cliche, but this is just another fight for me, honestly,” Liu says after a recent training session. “Every fight, I just break it down into simple terms — I look at them as small problems that have to be solved, then we’re on to the next.
“Don’t get me wrong; it’s an honor to fight in the main event for a promotion like 559 Fights, but I know what my job is, and that doesn’t change whether I’m fighting in the main event or opening the card up with the first fight of the night.”
Aside from the help of his coaches and teammates and his own work ethic, this focused, level-headed approach is what is most responsible for Liu’s success in the cage, the Fresno fighter says.
Although Liu will be focused on the task at hand when fists start to fly at the Visalia Convention Center on May 26, the scrappy, up-and-coming 125-pound contender has dreams that extend beyond the 559 Fights cage.
“I want to go to the top,” Liu says with a smile. “A lot of guys are here just to have fun — I have fun with it too, don’t get me wrong — but I’m in this to be the best. I intend to be the best.
“A year from now, I would like to be in a major promotion, like the UFC or Bellator,” he adds. “Twelve months from today, I’ll be in a big promotion, for sure.”
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