The Growing Army of Full Metal Fighters


The Growing Army of Full Metal Fighters



A legion of Full Metal Fighters is building in the global Mixed Martial Arts battlefield. These are men who you would take into the trenches with you and have on your frontline, rest assured.

It is becoming a trend that those who cut their cloth in Bangkok’s Full Metal Dojo, where warrior meets warrior and match-ups are made based on equal skill set, become elite fighters in MMA. Founder Jon Nutt is one of the rare fight promoters, who is adamant that true fighters must be given a true test of their skills and refuses to engage in match-making politics.

Take Thailand’s “Y2K” Fairtex, Yodkaikeaw, fighting out of Pattaya’s famous Fairtex gym. After three professional fights in the Dojo and a record of 2-1, the former Muay Thai fighter was sent to China last Sunday to fight a Chinese fighter in Kunlun Fight 54, named Zhang Meixuan (14-4). Zhang was meant to win that fight and boost his record against a fighter associated with the famous name, Fairtex. Yet Y2K, unbeknownst to the folks in China, had been honing his skills in Full Metal Dojo, where records are real. The inexperienced, but battle-hardened Full Metal Dojo fighter dropped him twice on route to a draw, staggering him with several well times knees, and receiving no damage himself.

14958266_10157690658070203_1336412967_nIf Y2K is battle-hardened, Will Chope (33-10) is a walking, breathing fighting machine masquerading as a human, with steel-plated skin. With his gangly frame and dagger elbows, he has fought all over Asia, fighting in almost all the organizations under the sun and he generally wins his scraps, utilizing every inch of his giant frame to strangle his opponents. He is one of the most active fighters in the sport of MMA, and is competing in a title eliminator for Top FC in Seol this coming Saturday. However, when he first stepped into Jon Nutt’s Dojo he was a fighter with a 1-4 record. His last fight in Full Metal Dojo 8 was a split decision victory over the unknown, but tough-as-hell Michal Vostry.

FMD has no conflict of interests, which is unique in the fight world, so fighters can’t enter the Dojo and butter-up their record. Dylan “The Muscle” Fussell knows all about that. Fussell fought his first professional fight in the inaugural FMD and went on to fight in FMD 2 and 3. He is now an accomplished MMA machine with a proud 11-2 record and riding five-fight winning streak – destined for big things. In FMD he is 2-1 and the only man to ever stop him, was in Jason Ponet in FMD 2. Fussell bounced back with a TKO victory in the next fight and has gone on to dominate in other organizations since.

Fussell is the head coach at Team Quest Thailand, where Cole “The Cole Train” Smith also trains, a fighter who is 2-0 and has just won the BFL Batamweight Title (yep, after two fights). Yet back in 2014 he was struggling, getting choked out in Full Metal Dojo 3 by Ali Motamed in the second round. That’s no shame; Motamed (3-0) is an undefeated professional who is looking like a killer in his own right, training at Tiger Muay Thai, Thailand. He’s another Dojo destroyer who is going on to big things.

Mr Amir Aliakbari is a big man, who will fight in one of the biggest and most prestigious heavyweight tournaments in Japan at Rizin Fighting World Grand Prix in December. Big things on the horizon for the Iranian beast and it all began in the Dojo, in his first professional fight at FMD 7: Full Metal Massacre. Fittingly, the fight was a massacre.

14923135_10157690620820203_2098167768_oThere are countless other examples of Full Metal Dojo graduates who are becoming major players on the Global MMA battlefield. Lebanese fighter Yousef Wehbe (6-3) was choked out in FMD 8, and has since won three fights in Desert Force and is the current Lightweight Champion. These men earned their striped in Bangkok’s Full Metal Dojo, where matches are made for the sake of match-making, between fighters of equal caliber. Beware when you step into the Dojo because, no matter what your record is, you might lose. ‘Gimme’s’ don’t exist in the warrior’s battleground.

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Max Rapkin
Newcastle, England
NCTJ accredited Journalist


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