A Star vs. A Pioneer


A Star vs. A Pioneer



A Star vs. A Pioneer


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I am not here to bash Ronda – but, I do want to say all these folks calling her “The pioneer of WMMA” are wrong. Look, if you are some Zuffa Zombie I understand how and why you believe this. However, I do wish you would take five minutes and learn some WMMA history. Yes. she did become the face of WMMA (for the Zuffa owned UFC) no doubt about that. But, she is not the “Reason” WMMA is around today and to say different is a huge slap in the face to all the ladies who came before her and shaped the path that allowed Ronda the opportunity to make money, star in movies  and become WMMA champ for the UFC. When you call her the pioneer it screams of a true ignorance for WMMA history. With so many promotions (see the list below) holding female competition since the mid 1990’s it’s undeniable that 100’s of WMMA matches had already taken place before Ronda won the 2008 Olympic bronze medal in Beijing, thus proving the sport was well on its way to becoming successful before Zuffa turned Ronda into a star.

Thank you to all the GREATS before Miss Rousey.

Photo credit CJ's Report

Photo credit CJ's Report

Here are some ladies who I think helped build the sport and always brought it that you should look into.

megumifujiiMegumi Fujii

Marloes Coenen

Yuka Tsuji

Hitomi Akano

Roxanne Modafferi

Sarah Kaufman

Amanda Buckner

Erin Toughill

Yoko Takahashi

Irma Verhoef

Hitomi Hiraiwa

Miesha Tate

Laura Dauguste

Tara LaRosa

Rosi Sexton

Julie Kedzie

Hisae Watanabe

Lisa Ward- Ellis

List of promotions that have promoted WMMA events for many years.

DEEP Jewels




International Fighting Championships


King of the Cage


Rage in the Cage

M-1 Global

Bas Rutten Invitational

It's Showtime

Shooto Europe

Cage Warriors


Ring of Combat



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