Absolute Chaos 12 Press Release


 Absolute Chaos 12 Press Release


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Absolute Chaos 12        OCTOBER 8TH, 2016

The Landmark
Convention Center
47 St. Helens Ave
Tacoma, Wa 98402

Absolute Chaos brings you a night of Submission Grappling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA! This Absolute Chaos event will happen in the cage. Featuring an open weight Grappling Tournament utilizing the EBI RuleSet. Amateur Muay Thai, KickBoxing and MMA.
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All proceeds from this event will go to The Bully Busters Foundation.  An organization that provides youth victims of bullying an opportunity to enroll in Mixed Martial Arts at no cost to them to learn self defense while developing self-confidence.


For sponsorship opportunities contact: Absolutechaospromo@gmail.com


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