AIMMAF taking steps to bring a better MMA to India


 AIMMAF taking steps to bring a better MMA to India



AIMMAF taking steps to bring a better MMA to India

India is the birthplace of various forms of martial arts and India was quick to embrace Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as it established Internationally as an inclusive platform featuring martial artists from multiple disciplines.

Multiple promotions focused to bring the best MMA events all across India. This gradually helped Indian athletes to climb the steep learning curve of MMA. In such short period Indian fighters were competing and bringing glory at international events. What diminished the rapid pace that Indian MMA had during the initial stages were the internal politics and levels of corruption among the associations and the key members. It came to a point that Indian athletes were completely discarded from International events due to the high handed politics that contributed association members to take their family and relatives to International events than even a single fighter.

In 2016, All India Mixed Martial Art Federation (AIMMAF) was formed as an initiative by the athletes discarding threats of the association and ignoring the suggestions put forward by the existing association and its members. AIMMAF focused on representing athletes and talent relations than providing luxuries to the officials and their families. Within weeks AIMMAF represented India at an International event in Bahrain at KHK Fight Night and bagged 5 trophies. The athletes were not only compensated for their time but also enjoyed facilities at par with International athletes.

AIMMAF standardised the rules and positions as an official were open only for qualified individuals, all the officials of AIMMAF have not only completed their post graduation, but also have managerial experience in reputed firms in the corporate sector. Adequate facilities such as counselling, job support and athlete management were offered to athletes.

Recognising the initiative KHK MMA owned by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa of Bahrain approved the initiative to work closely with AIMMAF. AIMMAF President, Aditya Ps had laid the foundations to promote Pro MMA in India on a regular basis with X Force MMA. X Force MMA had already proceeded with signing a few talent from Asia and North America and are scouting for Indian talent by the end of July.


The first event is scheduled to take place in August and the Fight Card will be announced soon.

Contributor - Abid Hassan Tanvir


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