All Fighters Make Weight For ZOFF 2


All Fighters Make Weight For ZOFF 2



Media Relations - Zoff - West Zone Fire Fight

Photo Credit: Renato Nogueira / M4VTV

Weighing the second. edition of Zoff, West Zone Fire Fight, was held between the morning and afternoon of Friday, April 22, at the Academy Team Fitness, located Murundu street, 419, Padre Miguel. Athletes put themselves proof of formidable scale and before the arbitration committee chaired by Master Gilberto Ribeiro Arbues amateur and professional fights have been confirmed.

Henrique Souza and Cauatã Samuel are the main fight of the night worth the belt featherweight (66kg up). The other title fight will take place in the K-1 between Caionã Baptist and Douglas Santana.

In total will be 11 professional fights, 10 MMA and K-1. Among the amateur will be 10 MMA and 10 K-1.

The second edition of Zoff will take place on April 23 from 14 hours with amateur duels K-1 and MMA. Professionals come into play from the 20 hours. For those who want to attend the event, the address of Father Miguel Family Center is Rua Francisco Real, 365. The event has cultural support Cassius Clay sports fan and Alderman Marcelino D'Almeida.

Check the professional card of Zoff 2 
66Kg: Henrique Souza (Rio Extreme Fighters) x Cauatã Samuel (LN Team / Pitbull) 
61Kg: Luana Carvalho (Brafighters CT) x Nubia Nascimento (LN Team / Pitbull) 
93kg: Alan Bishop (Team Base) x Michel Couto (Relma Combat) 
66Kg: Pedro PQD (Relma Combat) x Pedro p?dy (Team Bomba) 
57Kg: Raul Andrade (Brafighters CT) x Ivan Junior (LN Team / Pitbull) 
66kg: Caionã Batista (Nael Team Stone) x Douglas Santana (LN Team / Pitbull) - Dispute K-1 belt 
61Kg: Maílson Alves (Kromus College) x Ytalo Souza (LN Team / Pitbull) 
57Kg: William Cadena (Rio Extreme Fighters) x Erick of Kelson (Relma Combat) 
61Kg: André Luiz Bold (War Machine) x Mario Costa (Relma Combat) 
61Kg: Danilo Wolverine (Brotherhood of Struggle) x Ronaldo Jacare (Rio Extreme Fighters) 
75Kg: Cristian Carter x Wesley Mendes (Kromus College)

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