Alvarez Enters UFC 211 With Nothing to Lose


Alvarez Enters UFC 211 With Nothing to Lose


Alvarez Enters UFC 211 With Nothing to Lose

26396_Eddie_AlvarezIt's been a while since we've seen Eddie Alvarez step into the Octagon. The former UFC Lightweight Champion hasn't fought anyone since losing his belt to Conor McGregor during their now infamous match at UFC 205. Now, Alvarez will face off against Daniel Poirier, headlining the preliminary card for UFC 211 in an effort to prove that he still has what it takes.

It's easy to discount Alvarez after watching him get TKO'd in the second round of his first title defense, but it's important to remember that he's a terrific fighter in his own right. His upset against Rafael dos Anjos in July of 2016 was one for the ages, and was a huge surprise to most MMA experts. Alvarez absolutely swarmed Dos Anjos from the beginning, and ended the fight halfway through the first round of a bout where he came in as a significant underdog. Given how well he fought it's downright unfair that he gets saddled with the unfortunate honor of the shortest title reign by any champion in divisional history. Alvarez was just plain unlucky in that his first defense had to be against McGregor.

There shouldn't be any shame in having lost to Conor McGregor. The man is an absolute beast, and is easily one of the best in the sport. The Irishman came into UFC 205 with momentum on his side, and was recognized early on as the better striker of the two. Experts pointed out that McGregor was considerably faster and was averaging 6.02 strikes per minute compared to Alvarez's 3.64. It ultimately turned out to be too much, and Alvarez quickly found himself overwhelmed and was TKO'd on punches in the second round.

Now that he's had time to shake it off Alvarez will be looking to show that he's still one of the best in the sport. He talked about how the loss was liberating in a way, and that there's a freedom in having your worst nightmare come true. He's still considered one of top five lightweights in the world, and should be able to make quick work of Poirier.

But that's not to say that Poirier is a pushover. The 28-year-old is a top ten fighter, and his hungry to prove that he eventually deserves his own shot at thetitle. Even so, Alvarez is a terrific competitor that's still at the top of his game. He's eager to show the fans that he's bounced back from his UFC 205 defeat, and wants to make it known that not only can he get back to the Lightweight Championship, but can hold on a little more tightly this time around. We'll have to wait to UFC 211 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas,TX on May 13 to see if that's the case.


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