Andreas Kraniotakes: ’Don’t blink, I take every fight very seriously!’


Andreas Kraniotakes: ’Don’t blink, I take every fight very seriously!’


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Andreas Kraniotakes: ’Don’t blink, I take every fight very seriously!’

Final Fight Championship 21 is to take place November 27 in Rijeka while its MMA part will be headlined by Andreas Kraniotakes and Dion Staring in a heavyweight title match.

This month in Rijeka Andreas "Big Daddy" Kraniotakes will try to take the belt in the heavyweight division from Dion Staring. This experienced fighter has the score of 18 wins, 10 losses and one draw, while this will be his first match in the FFC. During his MMA career that started in 2015, he fought some well-known fighters, but his journey into the fighting sports world began when he was 14. His first choice was judo and he very soon realized that was the best possible choice for him when it comes to sports.

“I started with martial arts training when I was 14 years old. First I went to judo and fell in love with the way they trained and the philosophy behind it. The reason why I did judo instead of anything else was basically because I sucked at every other sport I tried. Especially my football skills were 'limited'. MMA taught me how I can stand up for myself even in difficult situations. I like the way of living. You can do what you love and say what you want but in the end you have to back up everything you do and say in the fight. The fighter lifestyle brought peace, experience, harmony and wisdom to me.”

Kraniotakes has 29 fights under his belts and bouts with some excellent fighters.

“My most memorable moment was fighting Andrei Arlovski in his hometown in Belarus. He once was one of my heroes and fighting a former UFC-champ and a legend like him was a great honor to me. My greatest success was that, as one of few athletes in my country, I was able to make the step to a full time professional when everybody told me that it was impossible.“

In Rijeka Kraniotakes is to fight Dion Staring and when asked about his preps he replied jokingly:

“I do a lot of push-ups and I play ‘Street Fighter’ on my ‘Super Nintendo Console’ to sharpen my reflexes and technique.“

However, despite making jokes, Kraniotakes is full of respect for his future opponent.

“He is a very serious opponent that is battle proved in over 40 professional fights. Like me he has fought all across the globe against some of the biggest in the sport. He is a great athlete and an even greater person. I have the height advantage on my side for sure. With that comes my reach. On the other hand he is the current champion and has fought for the organization already. That might make him a little more comfortable.”

Kraniotakes is convinced that the event will be a memorable spectacle since he knows that the fighters from this region do their best in the ring. However, he does not think about what will happen after the match and he is focused solely on his opponent Dion Staring.

“I expect an all out war over three rounds with no time to breathe for the fans. Everything a good MMA-fight brings to the table. We are both able to fight hard no matter where the fight goes. So don’t blink. I take every fight very serious and that’s why I don’t make plans for after the fight. In my head my life ends onNovember 27th and I can decide my fate.”

The fate might bring him back to the Final Fight Championship.

“It is a great organization with a good reputation. I like the global approach FFC brings to the table and the professionalism they practice. It's important to have professional partners and I hope we can establish a solid long term relationship. The best way to kick this of is to get a hold of that belt in Rijeka,” said Kraniotakes and when asked who would be the new FFC heavyweight champ he briefly replied:

“The man with the longer beard.”

And we will definitely find out who has the longer beard in Rijeka, November 27.

Fight Channel PR Zagreb, November 18, 2015

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