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MMA has seen a huge growth in North Africa and the Middle East in the last few years. Arabic Ultimate Fighting Championship saw a need given the limited amount of successful MMA events in Egypt or North Africa for fighters to showcase their skills. In response, Arabic Ultimate Fighting Championship  has really stepped up and  given the fighters a safe, fair platform to perform.  AUFC had an All-Pro card for their fifth and most recent event, which was once again successful. Their events offer pros a place to fight and start to seriously build a name, a fanbase and a solid foundation for their career. We have tried very hard to bring Egyptian MMA to fans world wide for a few years now and we are happy to introduce you to Abz and Arabic Ultimate Fighting Championship.

AUFC owners Mahmoud Saeed (left), and Mohamed Ibrahim (right)

AUFC owners Mahmoud Saeed (left), and Mohamed Ibrahim (right)

1. Why did you see a need for an MMA event in Egypt?

Abz: To prove that we could deliver the best promotion in Egypt and that we can stand with the best of them. Specifically to make an event that cares more for fighters instead of being a very quick process of - come and fight, go home. There was also a lot of talent in Egypt that was going to waste with other promotions.

2. The events AUFC holds are they Amatuer, Pro fights or Mixed?

Abz: All professional. And not just throwing that word like what usually happens in Egypt, but the quality of fights are the best they have been and will get better and better. Mark my words.

3. How many gyms were represented on AUFC 5?

Abz: We involve a lot of gyms and MMA teams in our events. AUFC 5 involved our own team from the AUFC Academy,  the very highly rated Black Bulls Team, Saracens Team, Flex Team MMA, Orange Team, Alnomeriy Team MMA, Egyptian Kings Team, Fight Club, Alexandria Jiu Jitsu - Submission Grappling and SUCURI BJJ Academy, Active Team Shobra, Alminya Fight Club, Anwar Lotfy Team, And Targuisti fight sports

4. Where do you see AUFC in 5 years?

Abz: We are seriously pushing to find big sponsors for our events and live television will happen very soon. It is just very tough to distract the average Egyptian from Football/ Soccer. But we have so much faith that we can keep growing without slowing down. We still use the venue as the Academy for our own current and upcoming fighters as well as a lot of other training. It is a decent enough venue but we are getting more and more popular and need find another place. However, it is very tough to keep up with the fees they usually asked for. Eventually, if and when we get sponsors, that will not be a problem. Until then, the actual academy will be transformed into Egypt’s biggest battleground.

5. What has been the toughest thing you have face getting AUFC started?

Abz: Wow. There are so many obstacles before an event and we face many problems and complications. I personally lose a lot of sleep with the workload. The event itself is arguably the easiest part. All staff make serious sacrifices to make this vision work.

6. What will make AUFC stand out from other North African and Middle East MMA events?

Abz: The fact that we are very persistent. For every goal we achieve, we will not sit back. We will always push. Being the best in Egypt is easy, but we need to push on. We are never satisfied. So far, we stand out because of match quality and international fighters. We have a lot of interest from fighters worldwide and it is only a matter of time before we include more Americans and Europeans.


I am Abz, 32 years old from London England and came to Egypt on a holiday and found the academy when i wanted to train Muay Thai for a couple of days. I met both owners of AUFC, Mohamed Ibrahim and Mahmoud Saeed. They told me about the academy and the AUFC event and i was interested.12079238_10153056488716651_6355959111912347421_n

The first AUFC already happened before i got here, and they told me that they wanted to take a new direction and they asked me to be the Ring Announcer for AUFC, using English and also handle promotions for the event and academy activities. I immediately said yes. I ended up staying in Egypt and i am here until now.

Since the start, i have also taken on matchmaking too. Something that can be quite difficult, but i am a big fan of this sport and now i’m a fan of a lot of fighters here in Egypt and have got to know a lot of them and i know what they are capable of. I can’t believe that a lot of these fighters have a high level of skill yet no one knows about them or had previously given them a chance.

Here is a recap of their last event AUFC 5 with a few pictures12107844_524363581060343_2716709478200522737_n

- The Hassan Mandour vs Ahmed Faress match is being called the best MMA match in Egypt so far. Striking, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, the lot. Hassan was winning by points. Had around 5 takedowns. Nobody has man handled Faress like that before. Hassan also had 2 attempts at an armbar which were unsuccessful. Faress caught Mandour with a lovely left uppercut followed by a right elbow which was the beginning of the end for mandour. He started bleeding and Faress took advantage. The finish started with a triangle attempt by Faress which he switched to an armbar. Game over in the 4th. Hassan is the first person in a very long time to take 12140607_524879767675391_6755288539548332676_n (1)Faress past the first round.

- First Moroccan, Mourise Benhayoun showed a high level of jiu jitsu skills during his fight. Which he implemented and made quick work of Mohammad Hassan. He has made a lot of fans. He will be back. 

- Abdullah Alduwaihi arrived in Egypt to face Ahmed Soliman but a family member that he was travelling with took ill. Fight postponed to AUFC 6

- Abdallah Gamal lost by decision to Abd Elwahab Saeed. Saeed got pummelled by Gamal by heavy ground and pound punches which left his face in absolute mess. But Gamal got gassed in the second and Saeed played good stand up. Blocking a lot of Gamal’s attacks and worked a lot of good boxing and footwork as well as accurate leg kicks. Gamal’s left thigh was heavily bruised by the end.

- The Mahmoud Fawaz vs Eslam Abdel Mineim. Fantastic technical ground match. They always tried to outsmart each other. Eslam kicked Fawaz in the head while he was grounded by accident. Fawaz just shook it off and ended up winning by unanimous decision. However, Abdel Mineim showed that he can compete well against the best of them.

We also had two face-offs. One for the match that was supposed to be the main event but got postponed. Will be main event at aufc 6 date tbc.  Ahmed Sami vs Maik Wegner.
The second was Mahmoud Fawaz (beat Eslam Abdel Mineim on the evening) vs Islam Reda, for the vacant lightweight championship.


Mandour attempts to finish Faress with an armbar

Full Results from AUFC 5 

Main Card

  • Hassan Mandour vs Ahmed Faress, Ahmed Faress – 3.08 round 4 – Submission(armbar)
  • Mourise Benhayoun vs Mohammad Hassan – Mourise Benhayoun – 1.02 round 1 – Submission(Rear naked choke)
  • Abdul Wahab Saeed vs Abdallah Gamal – Absul Wahab Saeed – unanimous decision
  • Eslam Abdel Mineim vs Mahmoud Fawaz – Mahmoud Fawaz – unanimous decision
  • Ramadan Ali vs Eslam Abdul Baset – Ramafan Ali – 1.03 round 1 – Submission(guillotine)
  • Amir Nour vs Mahmoud Sayid – Amur Nour – 0.52 round 1 – knockout
  • Salama Saber vs Moataz Hussein – Salama Saber – 1.30 round 1 – doctor stoppage


  • Ali Moftah vs Ahmed Thabet – Ahmed Thabet – 4.01 round 1 – Submission(armbar)
  • Mohamed John vs Mohamed Shaheen – Mohamed John – round 2 – forfeit
  • Ahmed Mohamed vs Ahmed Shoukry – Ahmex Shoukry – 0.23 round 1 – tko
  • Ahmed Hibaysha vs Abood Halloum – Abood Halloum – 1.52 round 2 by Submission(rear naked choke)
  • Zakareya Dawarra vs Hazem Hussein – Hazem Hussein – split decision
  • Seif Adel vs Mahmoud Lahab – Mahmoud Lahab – unanimous decision
  • Hassan Abo Ali vs Hossam Marayef – Hossam Marayef – 1.10 round 1 – TKO
  • Mohamed Shehta vs Faisal Elbaba – Mohamed Shehta – 2.31 round 3 – Submission(Rear naked choke)
  • Abdul Rahman Gamal vs Mohamed Yehia – Mohamed Yehia – unanimous decision
  • Hassan Abdel Hafez vs Abdul Rahman Bahr – Abdel Hafez – 1.51 Round 2 – DQ
  • Amr Abdel Razek vs Hassan Elsaghir – Elsaghir – 53 seconds round 1 – Submission(guillotine)

Photo credit to AUFC

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