AUFC 5 Results


AUFC 5 Results



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AUFC 3 Friday 10.16.2015

Cairo, Egypt

Congratulations to Ahmed "The Prince" Faress!! The first AUFC champion. Full results are underneath.

Ahmed "The Prince" Faress!! The first AUFC champion. Photo credit AUFC

Ahmed "The Prince" Faress!! The first AUFC champion. Photo credit AUFC

Main Card

Hassan Mandour vs Ahmed Faress
Faress wins 3.08 round 4 - armbar

Mourise Benhayoun vs Mohammad Hassan
Benhayoun wins 1.02 round 1 - Rear naked choke

Abdul Wahab Saeed vs Abdallah Gamal
Saeed Wins unanimous decision

Eslam Abdel Mineim vs Mahmoud Fawaz
Fawaz wins unanimous decision

Ramadan Ali vs Eslam Abdul Baset
Ali wins 1.03 round 1 - guillotine

Amir Nour vs Mahmoud Sayid
Nour wins 0.52 round 1 - knockout

Salama Saber vs Moataz Hussein
Saber wins 1.30 round 1 - doctor stoppage


Ali Moftah vs Ahmed Thabet
Thabet wins 4.01 round 1 - armbar

Mohamed John vs Mohamed Shaheen
John wins after round 2 by forfeit

Ahmed Mohamed vs Ahmed Shoukry
Shoukry wins 0.23 round 1 by tko

Ahmed Hibaysha vs Abood Halloum
Halloum wins 1.52 round 2 by rear naked choke

Zakareya Dawarra vs Hazem Hussein
Hussein wins by split decision

Seif Adel vs Mahmoud Lahab
Lahab wins by unanimous decision

Hassan Abo Ali vs Hossam Marayef
Marayef wins 1.10 round 1 by TKO

Mohamed Shehta vs Faisal Elbaba
Shehta wins 2.31 round 3 - Rear naked choke

Abdul Rahman Gamal vs Mohamed Yehia
Yehia by unanimous decision

Hassan Abdel Hafez vs Abdul Rahman Bahr
Abdel Hafez wins 1.51 Round 2 - DQ

Amr Abdel Razek vs Hassan Elsaghir
Elsaghir wins 53 seconds round 1 - guillotine


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