AUFC featherweight champion Ahmed “The Prince” Faress signs with AUFC in a 2 year deal


AUFC featherweight champion Ahmed “The Prince” Faress signs with AUFC in a 2 year deal


01 Ahmed Faress (right) signs with AUFC

AUFC featherweight champion Ahmed “The Prince” Faress signs with AUFC in a 2 year deal

06AUFC’s first champion is now a certainty for the next 2 years which gives him his opportunity to keep rising in popularity. Which isn’t difficult, his last match with Hassan Mandour which saw him become an MMA icon in the Middle-East will be talked about for years amongst Egyptian MMA fans.


We caught up with The Prince to ask him a few questions

When asked about Hassan Mandour :


I thought that the fight would be easy and that i could finish it quick. I always had the belief that there was no fighter in Egypt that could make me reach the 2nd round ever again, but Hassan’s strength and hard work took me to the fourth round. He completely controlled the clinch and wrestling. He is also a very dangerous fighter on the ground, which left me with very minimal choices and decisions to make during the match. He shut the door to every 9 out of 10 moves i wanted to make. He blatantly deserved that chance at the title with me. The toughest fighter i have ever faced and i will find it difficult to find a challenge like that from anyone else. That sort of strength is not normal for a Featherweight. He has my full respect.05
On becoming AUFC’s first champion:
Ok first of all, i tried to join another MMA promotion in Egypt and they tried to blackmail me by saying that i would not be able to have a title shot without joining their team. The choice should be mine. They would then disallowed me to play at all without their name. That is not how any fighter in Egypt should be treated. Fighters should not be owned. I discovered that AUFC gave you a lot more freedom than anyone else in Egypt. I have a lot of respect for the work they do and they are here for the fighters more than themselves. Being their very first champion is a huge honour.

About his future:

In the future, it would be nice to get UFC or Bellator’s attention, but right now i am thinking of my AUFC title defences. Maybe also leave my comfort zone and try other weight divisions to challenge their champions at some point. Either way i would like to get to a point where i am known or remembered for being good, whether i am inside our outside the cage. A Person with a unique fighting style. For now, i want to be part of the reason that AUFC will truly be the biggest event in the Middle-East and to be known as pound for pound, their greatest, and most dominating champion. With my new 2 year deal, i’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

Stay tuned for more on Faress and AUFC

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