Baixada Fluminense award ceremony for the best fights in 2015


Baixada Fluminense award ceremony for the best fights in 2015



Media Relations - Best Awards 2015

Credit of photos: Claudnei Dutra / MMA4Ever

Lowlands receives award ceremony of the best fight in 2015

It happened on the night of Wednesday, the first prize aimed at events and struggles of athletes from the Baixada Fluminense. The event was organized by MMA4Ever in Dubai Beer Point in St. Johns Wood, and gathered fighters and representatives of teams struggles throughout the region.

In addition to teams and athletes, there were awards for the best social projects and of course the Ring Girls. Among those attending and competing in various categories, was Márcio Stone, participant of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter, broadcast by Rede Globo. Stone was even one of the record holders of trophies at the event.

But the event was not restricted to athletes and representatives of academies. Authorities Lowlands were also present and were able to attend the event. This was the case of former secretary of sports and leisure Belford Roxo, Rodolfo Carvalho, who won the third prize of best social project in 2015 with the Olympic Wrestling Training Center - CTLO.

Despite being a predominantly male ceremony, the women were able to be represented in the achievements of Natalie Wippel, as best Thai and Priscila Souza Muay fighter who was in second place as athlete of the year, both of PRVT.

The organization of awards already beginning to think of a new model for the next edition of the award and plan to make a board with leaders, teachers and professors of various modalities to draw suggestions and define the rules for the MMA4Ever Award 2016.

"Today is a very happy for us day because we dreamed of this moment to give back a little to the athletes, all the affection and respect that have always had with our work. Now we need to organize ourselves for next year and who knows not extend the project to the rest of Rio de Janeiro? Let's see ... "said a happy Renato Nogueira, Portal coordinator.

Check out the complete results of MMA4Ever Awards 
01 - Best Kickboxing Event 1. Posted: Belford Fight 2. Posted: PRVT Cup 3rd. Posted: BPT Cup

02 - Best Athlete Kickboxing 1. Place: Washington Luiz 2nd. Posted: Wallace Lopes 3rd. Posted: Wellington Lopes

03 - Best Team Kickboxing 1. Posted: PRVT 2nd. Posted: WL Brothers 3rd. Posted: BPT

04 - Best Muay Thai Event 1. Posted: PRVT Cup 2nd. Posted: Belford Fight third. Posted: Cup Titanium

05 - Best Athlete Muay Thai 1. Posted: Natalie Wippel - PRVT 2nd. Posted: Gustavo Mendes - Elite Boxing third.Place: Washington Luiz - Pejor

06 - Best Muay Thai Team 1. Posted: Team Alpha Muay Thai 2. Posted: PRVT - Paraná Vale Tudo third. Posted: Thai Center

07 - Best Wrestling Event 1. Posted: Match CBT Cup Married 2nd. Posted: Challenge Márcio Stone 3rd. Posted: Fights circuit Belford Fight

08 - Best Athlete Wrestling 1. Posted: Gabriel Alves - CBT / Team Stone 2nd. Posted: Alessandro Buda third.Posted: Lenon Carvalho - CBT

09 - Best Wrestling Team 1. Posted: Charlie Brown Team 2nd. Posted: Hunters third. Posted: André Negão

10 - Best Jiu-Jitsu event 1. Posted: State Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2nd. Posted: Iguaçuana Cup Jiu-Jitsu 3rd. Posted: Belford Roxo Open Jiu-Jitsu

11 - Best athlete Jiu-Jitsu 1. Posted: Marcus Vinicius - Gracie Humaita Mosque 2ndPosted: Julio dos Anjos - GFTeam third. Posted: Wanderson Rosa Galdino - Team Stone

12 - Best Jiu-Jitsu Team 1. Posted: GFTeam 2nd. Posted: Team Stone 3rd. Posted: Galamba Jiu-Jitsu

13 - Best MMA Event 1. Posted: Baixada Top Fight 2. Posted: Gringo Super Fight Fight Belford x 3rd. Posted: Samurai Kombat

14 - Best Athlete MMA 1. Posted: Marcio Stone - Pejor / Team Stone 2nd. Posted: Arnaldo Mickey - Iron Brothers3rd. Posted: Jeferson Brother - CBT

15 - Best MMA Team 1. Posted: Team Stone 2nd. Posted: CBT - Charlie Brown Team 3rd. Posted: PRVT - Paraná Vale Tudo

16 - Best MMA Coach 1. Posted: Edil Rodrigues 2nd. Posted: Beto Padilha third. Posted: Rafael Rec

17 - Best Ring Girl 1. Posted: Dayene Days 2nd. Posted: Bia Fortunato third. Posted: Camila Werneck

18 - Improved Announcer 1. Posted: Serginho Oliveira 2nd. Posted: Carlos Vitor third. Posted: Fabio Leandro

19 - Social Project of the Year 1. Posted: Black Belt of Jesus 2. Posted: Mauricio Miguel Team 3rd. Posted: CTLO - Fight Training Center Olympic

20 - Athlete of the Year 1. Posted: Marcio Stone - Pejor / Team Stone 2nd. Posted: Priscila Souza - PRVT third.Posted: Arnaldo Mickey - Iron Brothers

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