BAMMA UK: BAMMA 22 Weigh In Results & Final Fightcard


BAMMA UK: BAMMA 22 Weigh In Results & Final Fightcard


Doors at the 3Arena open at 4pm.  First fight 4.15pm.  The LIVE Lonsdale  Prelims stream from 7pm on the Lonsdale Facebook Page.  BAMMA 22 Main Card goes LIVE on SPIKE TV UK from 10pm.  (For other regions please check local listings)


BAMMA 22 Main Card (10pm -12pm Spike TV UK)

Tom Duquesnoy (145) Vs. Brendan Loughnane (144.8)


Chris Fields (185.6) Vs. Christopher Jacquelin (183)


Regis Sugden (134.6) Vs. Alan Philpott (139.4)*


Catherine Costigan (108.8) vs. Celine Haga (114.8)**


BAMMA 22 Lonsdale Prelims (7pm -10pm Lonsdlae Facebook Page)

Jack Grant (154.4) Vs. Jack McGann (155.8)


Conor Cooke (186.6)*** Vs. Paul Byrne (184.4)


Marc Diakiese (153.2) Vs. Rick Selvarajah (154)


Kane Mousah (155.8) Vs. Myles Price (154.8)


BAMMA 22 Prelims

Hatice Ozyurt (136.4) Vs. Sinead Kavanagh (136.8)+


Darren O' Gorman (135.2) Vs. Frans Mlambo (134.8)


Lukasz Parobiec (236.2) Vs. Jonathan Dargan (236.2)


John Redmond (170.2) Vs. Rhys McKee (168.8)


Adam Caffrey (135.6) Vs. Dylan Tuke (135.8)****


Paul Craig (204.8) Vs. Karl Moore (204.8)


Tim Wilde (156) Vs. Stephen Coll (155.4)


Mark Andrew (136) Vs. Sean Tobin (135.6)


Patrick Wixted (135) Vs. Connor Dillon (135)


Gerard Gilmore (145.6) Vs. Alexandre Leite (149.2)++


Arno Dos Santos (124.8) Vs. Keith Coady (124.4)



?* Alan Philpott weighed in at 138.8 therefore cannot win the title.  The fight is agreed.   Regis can still win the title.


** Celine Haga weighed in at 113.2 Fight agreed.  Catherine agreed due to Celine taking the fight at short notice and long flight time and  relinquish the fine.


*** Conor Cooke made weight 185.8?


****Dylan Tuke arrived late for weight ins and will fined a percentage of his purse


+ Neither fighter made weight.  Fight agreed.


++ Alexandre failed to make weight


Manel Kape Vs. Damian Rooney ?has been cancelled.?


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