Battle in the Barn III Results

Battle in the Barn III  4/19/14

Mike Hobby  def Orry Perez via  Kimura RD

Mat Afalava  def  Mike Fischer via  TKO RD

Ryan Rodorigo def Dominick Tim via UD

Chris Williams  def Marc Thompson via  TKO RD2

Corey Conway  def Kyle Topacio via UD 30-27 (x3)

Marcus Hanson  def Richard Soiseth via forfeit

Josh Ratliff def Jesse Nutting via SUB

Muay Thai Chris Brown def Brandon Egbert via UD

Kickboxing Josh McCool  def Zach Strain via UD

Kickboxing Mathew Anderson   def Liam Bertolacci  via  forfeit

Kickboxing Josh Pulczinski def Kyler Clem via  SD


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3 Responses

  1. chris brown
    chris brown defeated Brandon Egbert via UD. There was a mix up where the judges thought I was him and he was me due to the fact that they changed me from blue to red corner before the fight. later on after the next fight they called me (chris brown) back in the cage and announced they had made a mistake and that I was the winner.
    • stptattoo
      fixing it now
  2. chris
    thank you.

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