Best of the best: the ACB League continues to raise the winners


Best of the best: the ACB League continues to raise the winners



Best of the best: the ACB League continues to raise the winners

Last year was marked by a major breakthrough of the young ACB promotion as well as of its prospects. ACB tournaments have not only left a lasting impression in Russia, but also established themselves in the international scene hitting the top five MMA organizations in 2015.

The purpose of the promotion is to raise its own perspective fighters and as a result to form its own family of winners. This approach enables the young "eagles" to fly swiftly to the MMA top through ACB. For example a young prospect Petr «No Mercy» Yan has recently taken a place of honor as the best ACB fighter in 2015 by gaining more than 4000 votes from his fans. In his career he has never been defeated, and his bout at ACB 24 was called the best fight of the tournament. The fighter is not going to stop there, and his motivation is developing, growing every single day:

"My motivation is boundless! Competition and my family motivate me. Without motivation one can’t undertake anything at all. The life of a fighter is a constant search for inspiration, the struggle against his own weaknesses and, as a result, rising to a new level of skill and effort, " Petr Yan noted.

In 2016 the League plans to increase the number of tournaments, as well as their geography. The ACB fighters will be able to prove themselves not only in Russia but also in the international arena. In particular, the next tournament of the main draw will be held in Warsaw on February 6, a tournament in Georgia is also planned. According to rumors, another ACB tournament will take place in one of the European capitals towards the end of the year.

"More than 30 tournaments are in the plans for the next year: 12 big tournaments, 6 tournaments of the Young Eagles League, 6 BJJ tournaments and 6 kickboxing tournaments" Yaraghi Gita, the president of the ACB League, said.

Let us remind you that 2015 was quite eventful for ACB, the organization held 15 MMA tournaments, 2 BJJ ones, and 4 kickboxing tournaments.

Petr «No mercy» Yan

Information about the ACB League:

The MMA League Absolute Championship BERKUT was founded in early 2014 based on the fight club "Berkut". Since March 2014, the League has held 28 international tournaments with fighters from Russia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Poland, Kazakhstan and many other countries.


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