BrianHalquist Productions is excited to announce that www.halquistproductions.comis infull function and with it is the highly anticipated addition of CageSport’s firstNorthwest MMA Rankings. With the reputation that the CageSport MMA brand hasgained nationwide in recent years, the rankings will give extra incentive tofighters to fight tough and get recognized on a national level.


The rankingsare headed by four committee members: Rich Guerin, Michael Renouard, JeffHougland, and Will Hammond. Guerin is considered a pioneer of competitive MMAand has been the matchmaker for CageSport MMA since April of 2009. MichaelRenouard owns and writes for,which has become a go to news source for local combative sports fans. Houglandis an ex UFC fighter who has become one of the top trainers in the Northwest.His gym Combat Sport and Fitness in Enumclaw, WA has burst onto the MMA sceneas of late with perhaps the most impressive roster of professional fighters inthe region. Hammond and his White Buffalo Warriors management/training teamhave taken over Northwest MMA with their success and worldwide exposure.


The officialrankings released today can be found at committee member was able to rank the top five northwest MMA fighters ineach weight class with the following points being awarded for the respectiveranking:


#1 – 10 pts.         #2 – 7 pts.           #3 – 5 pts.           #4– 3 pts.           #5 – 1 pt.


All UNSIGNEDprofessional Northwest MMA fighters were considered in the rankings process. Inthe rankings released today, former two division CageSport MMA champion, DrewBrokenshire, was the only undisputed number one ranked fighter in theirdivision (featherweight). Also being named top contenders in their divisionswere: Chris De La Rocha (Heavyweight), Thomas Hoeper (Light Heavyweight), CoryDevela and Alfonso Gonzales (Middleweight), Tyson Cunningham (Welterweight),Justin Harrington (Lightweight), and Gurdarshan Gary Mangat (Bantamweight). Thefollowing fighters received votes, but just missed out on a top 5 ranking:


LightHeavyweight, Darrio Mobley (5 pts)                Lightweight,Woo Johnson (4 pts)

LightHeavyweight, AJ Weber (1 pt)                                         Featherweight,Ryan Mulvihill (7 pts)

Middleweight,Jerome Jones (1 pt)                                           Featherweight,Tony Reyes (5 pts)

Welterweight,Adam Smith (5 pts)                                            Bantamweight,Josh Rettinghouse (10 pts)

Welterweight,Ian Williams (3 pts)                                           Bantamweight,Hector Lopez (7 pts)

Lightweight,Dave Courchaine (5 pts)                                      Bantamweight, DexMontenegro (7 pts)





“We’ve beenworking on the ratings for some time now and we are excited to give thefighters another platform to advance their careers,” said promoter, BrianHalquist. “This first rating was particularly difficult as we really had ablank canvas and will be somewhat controversial, but we had to start somewhere.We are encouraging fighters, trainers, and managers to contact us if we haveoverlooked anyone or if there are any comments or concerns. We want the ratingsto reflect the Northwest fighters with no politics involved. We want theseratings to be true and to be the benchmark for local fighters. We are veryexcited!” 


The rankingswill be updated the week following every CageSport event. Fighters and theirteams are encouraged to submit ranking consideration packages to Brian HalquistProductions through the contact form on the BHP website.

June 2015 Rankings


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