Boom MMA: Shayptoh

Boom MMA: Shayptoh

Shayptoh, recognized by Boom MMA and sanctioned by Combat Sports Association is all set to take Gangtok by storm with its first ever fight night. Shayptoh means beating in the Sikkim language. The name will be more than justified by the action that will take place.

The owner of Bb15 Fitness Studio, Mr Karma Legshey, Brother of Baichung Bhutia, is the host of the event and is a renowned globe trotter who has spent considerable time in Australia. He sees the potential in the fighters and plans to take the sport of MMA to next level. He is already heading in the right direction with a soldout event.

Mr Karma Legshey has had discussions with Ratul Mukherjee, President of Boom MMA and we can say look for more information coming soon on Boom MMA's plans for future.

The fights will be live on the Facebook pages of Taponomics and Ratul Mukherjee.

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