Brawl Inc. – Adrenaline Rush Results

Brawl Inc. - Adrenaline Rush 5/10/14

Charles Brown defeats Lance Lee via 1st round RNC (1:16)

Chris Heavner defeats Tom Hardesty via 2nd round submission (2:45)

Trumane Wrone defeats Phillip Snow via 1st round RNC (0:44)

Josiah Biggs defeats Shawn Boone via 1st round TKO (2:36)

Stephany Hull defeats Kara McSpadden via 1st round Ezekiel choke (2:45) 

John Inahana defeats Chris Foster via 1st round RNC (2:38)

Datrick Elmore defeats Chet Mellington via 1st round KO (0:13)

Harley Heavner defeats Joe Davis via 1st round Kimura (1:30)

George Still defeats Ruben Marin via UD

Tina Terrill Brown defeats Jessica Fletcher via 1st round Guillotine (3:53)

Justin Yacko defeats Reggie Pearson via 1st round TKO (1:31)

Frank Cortez Rodrigo Contreras via UD

Bryce Hadffecke defeats Brandon Evans via 1st round TKO (0:39) 

Will Lavine defeats James Bacon via UD 

Marco Hutch defeats Max Humphrey via 1st round RNC (1:34)

Submission of the Night: Marco "Afro Samurai" Hutch

KnockOut of the Night: Detrick Elmore

Fight of the Night: George "Animal" Still vs Ruben Marin



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