Breakhrough MMA 13: Champions Emerge Results

Breakthrough MMA 13: Champions Emerge took place on 8/16/2014 at the
Volusia County Fairgrounds in Deland, FL. It was the latest installment in
Breakthrough MMA's very successful run of events that have been taking
Florida by storm in 2014.
The results are as follows:
Fight #1: Angel Mericado defeats Christian Lohsen via SD.
Fight #2: Cedric Taylor defeats Kevin Combs via UD.
Fight #3: Saleem DeReese defeats Antonio Garavaglia at 0:48 of Round 1 via
Arm Bar.
Fight #4: Bret Cooper defeats Carlos Barrera at 2:05 of Rd 2 via Anaconda.
Fight #5: Evan McCall defeats Kevin Pace via UD.
Fight #6: Anthony Onan defeats James Sottoriva at 0:52 of Rd 2 via RNC.
Fight #7: Rudy Arce defeats Juan Mata via UD.
Fight #8: Jonathan Lee defeats Chis Green at 2:21 of Rd 1 via Guillotine
Fight #9: Chyrome Fraizer defeats Brandon Del Valle via MD. Frazier was
deducted 1 point for illegal blow to the head.
Fight #10: Fabian Leon defeats Emre Orun at 1:09 of Rd 1 via Armbar.
Fight #11: Randy Newell defeats Jamal Thorne via UD.
Fight #12: Dominic Stouder defeats Anthony Agee 1:07 of Rd 1 via Armbar.
Fight #13: Deon Time defeats Dave Blair via UD.
Fight #14: Freddy Belen defeats Josh Crouch via SD.
Fight #15: Solomon Maldonado defeats Josh Goins at 1:55 of Rd 1 via
Standing Guillotine Choke.
Austin McCray defeats John Brinson at :49 of Rd 1 via TKO (Strikes).
Sam Senuk defeats Bryce Lawrence at 2:59 of Rd 1 via TKO (Strikes).
Timothy Stewart defeats Matt Moran at 1:19 of Rd 2 via Guillotine Choke to
become the NEW WW champ.

Thank you to Zach Moore for supplying these results!
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