Brittney Elkin in the latest edition of the Combat Column from Funky Monkey MMA


 Brittney Elkin in the latest edition of the Combat Column from Funky Monkey MMA



The Funky Monkey (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts News catches up with professional ?#?WMMA? competitor Brittney Elkin in the latest edition of the Combat Column

1. How did you get in to the sport?
I was a bartender/cocktail waitress and I was in good shape my bar manager was friends with a promoter out of rapid city SD and he approached me told me he thought I would be good at it and to give it at try I did and fell in love with the sport and one thing lead to another.

2. What's your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?
I love sneeky upper cuts and hidden over hands to set up takedown or hopefully to knock the opponent off their feet I love so many submissions but find myself always pulling out an arm bar when I roll ...sneaky uppercut and over hands and baiting someone to fall into my submission3. Who is your biggest inspiration?
I would say I'm inspired most by my coaches and team. I'm surrounded with a group that helps build me in my sport..

4. Which team are you training with in preparation for your next bout?
I don't have a next bout scheduled as of yet I am competing in several tournaments in BJJ I have been with 303 out of Denver for a few years now and don't plan on leaving I'll be with them for my next bouts

5. What is your favorite aspect of MMA?
I love that you can't be one dimensional that you can change the game entirely by playing a different way.. my favorite part of MMA is that anything can happen

6. What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
To me being a fighter means to not quit.. no body is going to hand you a win or a title you have to overcome struggle and fight through where others said that's enough.. to not quit

7. What separates you from every other fighter
Not much except I'm an amazon freak of no I think I have a mental competitive edge that is stubborn as shit I stay competitive in more than just MMA I bring an energy to the cage that I believe in myself and I always put on an exciting show

8. If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
Sounds trendy but I would love to fight Edward Norton from fight club scene when he is having an emotional beat down break down on the blond guy I want to fight that guy in that state of mind

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