Bruna Felício vs Sarah “A Treta ” Frota Rematch at NP FIGHT 5: GOLD


Bruna Felício vs Sarah "A Treta " Frota Rematch at NP FIGHT 5: GOLD



The NP FIGHT organization  will promote next Saturday 12 November day, the fifth edition of the most anticipated event in the middle of the MMA in the State of Goiás.

The NP FIGHT 5-GOLD, which will be held at Garden gym locker room in Goiânia, scene of major sporting events and the city, fighting

as usual, the NP FIGHT will bring wrestling and professional fights in his card, being 9 Professional fights and 20 wrestling.

This time, the main fight MMA event Gold Ganesan, will have a duel, "them", Bruna Felício faces Sarah Frota, this fight will be up for grabs the belt of the organization up to 57 kg. The girls thick shells that are featured in the mixed martial arts in the capital Goiás State, will make the most awaited rematch inside an octagon in Goiás.

In the first clash, Sarah Frota, took the best, now recast in a Bruna Felício, new team, promises to surprise.

The two fighters promise to give a real MMA show to those who attend the gym locker room, Garden sports day on November 12.





Ginásio de Esportes do Jardim Balneário

Goiânia, Goiás , Brasil

Fight Card 


Bruna Felício vs Sarah "A Treta " Frota 

Jefferson Vinicios vs Carlos Crocodilo

Kaik Brito vs  Adriano Thor  

Elismar "Carrasco" Lima da Silva vs Evaldo Machida 

Jeff Santos vs Edson "Pânico"

Matheus "Pelezinho" vs Rauann Antunes 

Helio Pezim vs  Wesley "Shakur" 

João Camilo vs Wellinton "Toin"

Pedro "Capoeira" vs Jean "Marinheiro"




Video of disclosure:


 See how was the first fight between Bruna Felício and Sarah fleet: 



Photo credits: : Lucy Medeiros

Bruna Felício

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Sarah "A Treta " Frota 


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