CageSport Presents Super Fight League 46 Recap


CageSport Presents Super Fight League 46 Recap


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Super Fight League 46 (Main & Semi-Main Event) Recap:


Super Fight League 46 held it's reputation as an event you couldn't miss, pumping out the best performances we've seen this year. With 6 out of 8 fights ending in stoppage, there was no shortage of action and everything you wanted to see in a combat sports event, including great sportsmanship. In this weeks recap, we breakdown the semi-main event with Jason Gray & Patrick Benson, then breakdown the epic main event war between Brent Knopp & Jared Torgeson. Let's dive in!:


Semi-Main Event- Patrick Benson vs. Jason Gray: Patrick Benson submits Jason Gray by Triangle Choke in round 1


Most fans predicted Gray would control the fight using his world-class wrestling, but Benson wasn't having it from the get go. Benson opened up with a barrage of "1,2"  punches, forcing Gray to shoot for a takedown almost setting Benson up immediately for a guillotine choke. After not able to sink the choke in, Benson stands back up while Gray took him down again. Benson landed some hard punches off his back before shuffling out and standing up. Gray waited for Benson to throw a punch before he shot for a takedown and shook off another guillotine attempt by Benson. Benson from his back delivered a hard upkick while Gray was crouched on top. Gray stopped thinking it was illegal but he had his knees slightly off the ground. Benson pulled full guard while Gray delivered some good ground and pound. Benson stayed busy on his back searching for submissions and at just the right time, shifted his hips and got his legs wrapped perfectly for a Triangle Choke, forcing Gray to tap at 3:23 of Round 1.


Main Event- Jared Torgeson vs. Brent Knopp: Jared Torgeson defeats Brent Knopp by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)  



Round 1:


Brent Knopp (as usual) was the first to push the pace, going forward and dialing in his range with some loud leg kicks. Torgeson countered that aggression pushing Knopp into the cage with both fighters landing shots of their own to the body. Fighters got off the cage and started swinging like they were looking for a finish. Both got a heavy shot on each other before Torgeson pressed Knopp on the cage going for an inside leg trip. Knopp started embracing the clinch on the fence landing a few good knees to the body and head, before Torgeson broke off and landed a solid left overhand. Torgeson pressed Knopp on the cage for the remaining 30 seconds landing precise body punches, with Knopp ending with a knee to the body.



Round 2:


Torgeson stayed with his strategy of pressing Knopp against the cage to deliver calculated strikes to the body. Knopp turned it around pressing Torgeson on the cage with hard knees, but Torgeson didn't take long before he went back to his game of pressing. The fight stayed a cage battle with most combos being followed up by a clinch on the cage until Torgeson got a leg trip on Knopp taking him down for a brief second. Following this was a heavy combo exchange from both fighters with Knopp landing some good knees to the head and Torgeson throwing wild shots looking to do damage. The round ended with both fighters taking turns on each others faces with Knopp landing solid knees, followed by Torgeson getting off the fence to landing brutal strikes and an uppercut at the bell.


Round 3:


Final round, both fighters were sharks smelling blood! Center of the cage, fighters were going hit for hit and shoving each other away from the cage. Knopp started to press Torgeson on the cage looking for a takedown, but Torgeson pushed off proceeding with both fighters going to town on each other's chins then Torgeson attempting a takedown Knopp sprawled out of. Knopp controlled the clinch game on the fence for a solid minute, delivering knees to the head and torso. The last 15 seconds consist of both fighters leaving it all on the line swinging for the fences, tagging each other with vicious and especially loud shots of the head to end the epic main event fight. When it was all said and done, Jared Torgeson got the win based on his control of the clinch and cage pressing along with his precision stirking, giving him the Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) victory and handing Brent Knopp his first professional loss. 



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Full Super Fight League 46 Results: 



Main Event (3 Rounds)


Jared Torgeson defeats Brent Knopp via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)



Semi-main event (3 Rounds)


Patrick Benson defeats Jason Gray via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:23 of Round 1



UnderCard (3 Rounds)


Dave Purnell vs. Thomas James Pierce Jr. ended in a No contest due to an unintentional eye-poke delivered by Purnell 


Jeremie Montgomery defeats Armando Best via Submission (D'Arce Choke) at 3:44 of Round 2


Joey Pierotti defeats Fay Bursell via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:19 of Round 1


Dylan Potter defeats Rob Burgess via Submission (Armbar) at 2:20 of Round 2


Justin Hugo defeats Jon Marc Cortez via Submission (Armbar) at 4:16 of Round 2


Ryan Schecterson defeats Nick Coughran via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)


Anthony Zender defeats Luis Gomes via TKO (Strikes) at 1:14 of Round 2



- Reported by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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