“Creepy” Christina Tatnell looking to scare opponents


“Creepy” Christina Tatnell looking to scare opponents



Written by @PBFighters

From Australia to North America. A young journey, with a lot of ground covered, this is your introduction to “Creepy” Christina Tatnell.

At only 21, Tatnell is already preparing for her sixth professional mixed martial arts fight. Her pro debut came at just 18, squaring off in a short notice bout against the UFC’s Bec Rawlings. She is now 4-1, and will be looking to make her way up the flyweight ranks in the coming years.

While giving us insight on her background, Christina also goes into more detail on how she found herself and Bec “Rowdy” Rawlings inside the cage together.

“My name is Christina Tatnell, I'm 21 years old and I'm from a small country town in the IMG_20150326_011449smallest state of Australia, the island of Tasmania. I was bullied all throughout high school, which brought on confidence and anxiety issues that only just recently, thanks to the sport of MMA, have I begun to outgrow.”

Tatnell was not sports-oriented growing up, but when she happened to find herself at an MMA event in 2011, that all changed. Her current trainer Dan Enson Hyatt was on the event, and she fell in love with the sport instantly.

“The energy of the event is something that appealed to me and I instantly became hooked. The very next week I found a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Launceston, Tasmania, and out of sheer boredom in my life, and really, because a part of me wanted to prove my un-supportive family and friends wrong, I signed up to classes.

With only six months of grappling training and 24-hours notice, Tatnell took her fight professional fight against veteran and UFC fighter Bec Rawlings. Although she didn’t come out on the winning end, she says that she doesn’t “regret any of it now.”

Since then, she has won four straight bouts, three of which have come by stoppage.

Tatnell is looking to take the next step in her career, which includes taking international bouts. She’s ready to face the best in the world.

“I've pretty much ran out of opponents at 125lbs in Australia. Any girl who says they're a Flyweight, or that they can make Flyweight can't, hasn't or isn't worth training for. I've fought at 115lbs, 125lbs and 135lbs in my short career to date just to secure opportunity.”

Tatnell believes her future as a fighter is in the flyweight divison, but that also means she needs to secure opponents in North America. She is currently ranked the top flyweight woman in Australia, and is ready for the next level of competition.

There is no doubt that Christina is on her way to continued success, and she has decided on Posterboy Management for her North American representation.

“My manager of the past two years Dan Enson Hyatt has been very helpful in the process IMG_20150325_135329of finding me a suitable U.S based management team. It's been a week long process but I'm very pleased to announce that I have officially signed with Mid-West company, Posterboy Fighters, home to UFC fighters Randa Markos, James Krause, Zak Cummings, Timothy Elliot and Anthony Gutierrez, along with Invicta Fighting Championships Laura Sanko. I feel honored to be joining such a talented stable of fighters.

With much excitement on what the rest of 2015 brings for herself, Christina has made it certain that one goal is on her mind and one goal she can see achieving by the end of the year.

“With such an experienced and well connected management team behind me, MMA fans should expect bigger opportunities to present themselves and much more action packed highlights for them to enjoy! This is no longer a hobby for me, fighting is actually my career now. I train full time and I'm looking to position myself as a dominant female fighter within my division.

Tatnell Is easy to find on social media. You can follower her on Twitter @DaCreepyOne, or like her fan page on Facebook at facebook.com/RatatatTatnell.

Keep an eye on the newest Posterboy Fighter recruit!


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