DeAlan Hicks: “At this point of my life I need my fights to count for something”


DeAlan Hicks makes his professional debut on March 4th in Joplin, Missouri


Dealan Hicks

DeAlan Hicks makes his professional debut on March 4th in Joplin, Missouri

DeAlan Hicks was one of the most dominate amateur Middleweights in the Midwest and has faced off with the best of the best on the amateur circuit, including a 3 round battle with undefeated Light Heavyweight Antonio Martinez at Titan FC 24. "Hitman" has not been in the cage in over 4 years, due to multiple injuries. During that time he has been sharpening his skills and training with Teejay "Bad Newz" Britton at Victory Ministry & Sports Complex in Joplin, Missouri and Laselva MMA in Derby, Kansas. On Saturday, March 4th DeAlan Hicks returns to the cage to make his professional debut at Cage of Honor 69 at the Memorial Hall in Joplin, Missouri.'s Chris Gregory sat down with DeAlan Hicks to discuss his upcoming professional debut, his time away from the cage, and much more.

MMAMadhouse: So, you just announced that you will be returning to the cage on March 4th! What made you decide to comeback?

DeAlan Hicks: "I have missed this sport so much. I've taken years off coaching fighters, and training different types of athletes but that fire I once had from competing in Mixed Martial Arts never went away."

MMAMadhouse: you have taken almost 4 years away from the sport and instead of coming back to maybe knock the ring rust off as an amateur you have decided to make your professional debut on March 4th. What made you decide to go pro?

DeAlan Hicks: "For me this is what I've always wanted as a fighter. At this point of my life I need my fights to count for something. I experienced enough at the ammy level. Now when I cut weight and a guy doesn't show up then I won't leave empty handed. lol Back in 2013 before I took an injury I had it already in my plans to make the jump. So It's time now."

MMAMadhouse: How far do you want to go in MMA as a professional fighter? If you could fight anywhere in the World, where would it be?

Dealan Hicks: "I told myself that 2017 was a year that I would go ALL IN at everything that I do. Fighting on any main Stage would be a dream of mine. So if my career heads in the right direction I will just take it one fight at a time. In this sport you never know where you will end up. If I could fight anywhere in the world it would have to be Brazil. I say that because I have always wanted to travel there. I know if I fought on a card there that the fans would give me a hard time. I wouldn't mind that at all. I don't think if I lost by submission there I would be too upset. lol I would definitely check out some gyms while I was there."

MMAMadhouse: Most media guys in MMA tend to ask all the same questions so I will switch it up a bit. What things do you love to do outside of training and stepping in the cage?

DeAlan Hicks: "I love spending time with my creator, my Beautiful daughter. Those are my top things. Working a full time job and training, it gets hard to balance everything you love so I keep in sight the things I cherish most."

MMAMadhouse: How excited are you to be on a fight card with your brother Teejay 'Bad Newz' Britton?

DeAlan Hicks: "Man, you just won't know what it means until you are actually in the building that night. The Joplin family, friends, fans know exactly what I mean. I can't even put it into words. Every time we get on the same card I have to set the tone in my fight. I know he feeds off my energy so you can expect nothing less then 100% So I am very excited to share this opportunity with him again. All I can say is Joplin We Are Back!"

MMAMadhouse: I want to thank you for taking time to do this interview. Is there anyone you want to thank? 

DeAlan Hicks: "First off I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to do what I love in front of people I love. I would also like to thank Victory Ministries and Sports complex, Laselva MMA and all of my coaches that have invested time in me. Also big shout out to for even thinking about me."

MMAmadhouse.comProfessional Bantamweight Teejay "Bad Newz" Britton (2-0) will also be fighting at Cage of Honor 69 on March 4th. Opponents will be announced soon. Follow on Facebook and on Twitter @MMAMadhouse for more news.


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