Eternal MMA & Reign Fighting looking for even a bigger year in 2017


Eternal MMA & Reign Fighting lookinf for even a bigger year in 2017




14670625_1132002216885616_3321820305011769893_nThe raging ignorance of MMA in Australia has been met head on in the form of Eternal MMA and Reign Fighting, the longstanding and baby faced promotions and mind children of promoter Cam O’Neill respectively. Based out of the Gold Coast, Eternal MMA has provided the South-East Queensland MMA scene with classic matches since 2012 and has flourished while ceremoniously invading the belly-of-the-beast in Perth, Western Australia mid-2015. To this day, Perth outlaws the use of a protective barrier floor known as a “cage” that prevents the fighters spilling out into the crowd or even the cold hard floor. In retaliation of this act to stunt the growth of Mixed Martial Arts on the west coast, Eternal packed a bag and journeyed cross country to light a fire under the collective ass of the Perth scene. The event was a sell-out success and paved the way for more events in the future with a culture bred in the defiance of negligent legislation.

14713563_1133826583369846_543385179420523565_nThe newest edition to the duo of Eternal shows is a separate yet altogether entity named Reign Fighting, which expands the reach of solid MMA promoting into neighbouring Brisbane. Reign is a welcome facilitator to the hotbed of talent in South-East Queensland and has begun churning through fights, levelling up amateurs into hardened pros, and slapping championships on two waists this year alone. The Reign contribution to the twins Eternal is a means of adding further legitimacy to attend the trio of promotions and to sate the appetite of the Aussie pugilistic pundits.

12994375_1001779536574552_315324168307156753_nEternal, Eternal Perth, and Reign united with World Series of Fighting Global Championship this year and allowed all fighters to be broadcast through WSOFGC’s broadcast partners, reaching millions of homes. This co-promotion solidifies and validates the Eternal and Reign brands as a vehicle for the development and growth of talent in Aussie MMA, with fighters receiving massive amount of exposure. Collectively, the trio of Eternal shows and Reign Fighting has put forth some staggering numbers including 24 total fight shows held, 10 of which taking part in 2016 and over 130 fights in total, an unprecedented feat in Australian MMA.

12107987_901725913246582_8368092008413803965_nThe personnel involved, both in the cage and behind the scenes, are a murderer’s row of pros in their respective field. Cam O’Neill is more seasoned than KFC chicken when it comes to promoting and is the driving force behind the movement. Ben Vickers came on board bringing a bevy of skills from a tenure in Cage Warriors Championship, the pre-eminent MMA power in Europe. Ben promoted shows throughout the European continent and into the Middle-East with CWC who also nurtured such the first UFC double-champion, Conor McGregor. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.
Eternal MMA has launched fighters such as Tim “Quickdraw” Moore and Reece “Lightning” McLaren into the international spotlight. The latter of the two having just fought for a world title in ONE Championship against Bibiano Fernandes, the revered sparring partner of pound-for-pound ranked #1 fighter Demetrious Johnson. Between Timmy and Reece, they have more shiny gold belts than pants to hold up with them and attribute their international success to the platform that Eternal MMA created.

A sport that has been shut out, shut up, and shit on for years by the unintelligent drivel has a friend in both Eternal MMA and Reign Fighting.

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Eternal MMA & Reign Fighting Head of Social Media and Marketing



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