Eternal: The rise and rise of Australian MMA


The rise and rise of Australian MMA



The rise and rise of Australian MMA

With both hands on the wheel, Eternal MMA and Reign fighting are steering the shape of Australian MMA into a future that defies the stereotypical paper card that manipulates fight fans expectations.

Again and again the duo of promotions has served up steaming bowls of MMA action that test the fighters and the preconceptions of the fans in attendance. New shows, new states, and new cities only furthers the growth and the reach of promoter Cam O’Neill's brand of martial arts exhibitions, with his vision selling out shows back to back, and less than 50 tickets left for Eternal MMA 23 & 24 combined.

16707052_395689697464195_1807923620_nThe opportunities for domestic fighters doesn’t end there, with the ceiling being raised in the form of international broadcast partners that will parade every jab little Johnny Smith throws on the way to his first win and the defence or crowning of a promotional champion. The first Eternal fighter has also been booked to compete in the MMA World Cup, an amalgamation of all World Series of Fighting Global’s affiliates into a tournament. On the back of this, 10 loyal fighters between Eternal & Reign, who represent the brand and their patronage, are projected to compete internationally, which paves a path previously unseen and creates an alternative avenue for fighters to emerge onto the international scene.

The echelon of Eternal & Reign champions is an exclusive club that harbours only the most battle-hardened fighters who have never been gifted a win or a title fight. Callan Potter, Tim Moore, Darcy Vendy, Myles Simpson, Tristan Murphy, Ashkan Mokhtarian and Chris Morris have all faced a murderer’s row to have the distinct privilege of winning or defending their titles against a foray of up-and-comers that are eager to fully utilise the international outlet that the promotions have become. That being said, no fighter on the twin promotions will ever receive an amateur title or be the focus of a cheap gimmick to further sales, or exploit them for monetary gain. Eternal & Reign are substance heavy advocates of the journey that will not blow smoke up the collective ass of the MMA community, and do not allow the “Facebook fighters” to win an amateur title that means nothing bar their ego and will never be effectively defended. What you see is what you get, and what we’ve seen for nigh 27 shows now is a deeply rooted tree of prosperity that has high hanging fruit in the international echelon.

I would like to thank MMA Aficionado for sharing this great article.

Eternal MMA 23 in Perth March 4th and seven days later we have E24 at Southport Sharks. This kicks off Eternal / Reign 2017 the way we expect it to continue, with our first three fight cards for the year stacked like never before.

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