FAM Fight Night Moves To Goiania, Brazil


 FAM Fight Night Moves To Goiania, Brazil



Goiania has never been so mobilized for a sporting event fights like this. The FAM Fight Night managed accession of goianos battalions from other states and even abroad. On 3 September, the military police of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Macapa (AP), Brasilia (DF), Goiânia (GO) and a US athlete who represents the Nova União Goias team face off in the Octagon to be installed on Club Ferreira Pacheco, in Goiania. The clashes promise to be very exciting because of the rivalry and competition between corporations involved.

Proof of the involvement of the military, for example, is that the official weigh-athletes the day before the event (2/9) will be held in the headquarters of the Special Operations Battalion of Goiás (BOPE), the Marist sector. According to the event organizer, D'Leon Mota, president of the company D'Lyonze Sports Marketing, promoter of Fam Fight Night, weighing was authorized by the own commander of the corporation. "The event has the support Battalions, who want to see their police competing at a high level," says Mota.

All military or representatives of any corporation which shall go up to the ring are considered high performance athletes and promise to give civility and show respect to each other and the public. This, is looking forward to participate in an event that is not held in Goiania for many years. "Especially with a card of high performance athletes, trained within the military standards. The public can expect incredible fights. 11 will be clashes, each one better than the other ", anticipates the organizer.

The fights will be presented in styles MMA Professional, Submission, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. The event follows the international rules of the modalities involved. One of the fights will be between two goianas athletes, Aparecidense Jesian Salazar and Fabiana Pires, Itumbiara. Women's participation is still marked by the presence of the four ring girls chosen by contest earlier this year. The participation of Goiás Maria Alvim and Tyêssa Gouvêa and brasilienses Nannarhara Bessa and Xocolate Magalháes promises some surprises to the public.

The Fam Fight Night work also as a theme, the issue of the domestic and family violence against women. In celebration of 10 years of the Maria da Penha Law, the main instrument of prevention and protection to women victims of this situation, an awareness video on the subject on the screen of the event will be displayed.


FAM FIGHT NIGHT - Desafio Supremo Faca na Caveira

Date: September 3, 2016

Location: Ferreira Pacheco Club

City: Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

Fight Card Updated


Igor Pakato (DF) vs Rodrigo Mamute (GO)

Paulo Franco (RJ) vs Julio Cesar dos Santos (GO)

Diego Pompeu (AM) vs Raniere Silva (GO)

Erivan "Negão" (DF) vs Geraldo Ferro (GO)

Vinicius Mamute (DF) vs Renan Pobrema (GO)

Jesian Julia (GO) vs Fabiane Pires (GO)

Alfredo “Mad Dog Show” Pereira Lima lopes (GO) vs Cristyan Silva (GO)


Muay Thai

Bruce Thai (GO) vs Bruno "Psicopata" (GO)

Claudio Morais (GO ) vs Marcos Vinicius (GO)


Jiu Jitsu

Kiko Santoro (DF) vs Raul Fernandes (GO)



Matheus Santos  (DF/BR) vs Jonh Smith (EUA)

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