FCFF: Updated Fight Card for Rumble @ The Roseland 81


FCFF: Updated Fight Card for Rumble @ The Roseland 81


 April 18th is the FCFF's Biggest Night of Action - Ever!

Portland, OR - The FCFF will host an explosive night of action on April 18th at Rumble @ The Roseland 81. The FCFF has scheduled:
  • Exhibition Bout at 6:45pm that brings back Nate "The Rock" Quarry to the cage.
  • Two FCFF Championship Fights in the 125LB and 145LB divisions.
  • Pro Fight that will launch the career Bryan Nuro.
  • 145-pound Superfight as the Main Event.
  • And finally, a six-man arm wrestling tournament taking place in between bouts.
Doors open @ The Roseland Theater at 6pm. Tickets available at the door or at Cascade Tickets or Bridge City Fight Shop. 


The Updated Fight Card:
Exhibition:  Nate “The Rock” Quarry vs.
Jacob “The Snake” Beckmann

175 Mark Duncan (Klamath Falls, OR) vs.
Phalen Carron (Impact JJ)      

145 Pedro Angulo (Salem, OR) vs.
Cahleb Gonzales (Lake Oswego, OR)

205 Brandon Lunny (Kirkland, WA) vs.
Michael Collazo (Impact JJ)

155 Justin McGinness (Coos Bay, OR) vs.
Cory Carllson (Impact JJ)

155 Ryan Asay (SBG) vs.
Ricardo Martinez (Vancouver CC)  

155 Kevin Walker (Walker MA) vs.
Thomas Patrick (Enso Jiu-Jitsu)

155 Ivo Wallace (Gladiator MMA) vs.
Kody Hammond (Impact JJ)

125 Anna Chouinard (UFC Gym) vs.
Elena Dawson (10th Planet JJ)

Pro and Title Fights:

125 Title:  Isaiah Garza; (WA) vs.

Steve Lantry (Team Chaos)
145 Title:  Kevin Boehm (Checkered Past MMA) vs.
Dave Robison (Gladiator MMA)
Pro 160  Hamilton Ash (SBG) vs. Bryan Nuro (Impact)
145 Superfight:  Sean McNulty (Valhalla CC) vs. Nate Sarate (Rose City FC)


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