FEDERAL FIGHT: Inaugural Mixed Martial Arts Event 9/27/2014

FEDERAL FIGHT: Inaugural Mixed Martial Arts Event 9/27/2014


Will be held Saturday in Sobradinho-DF 9/27/2014 the inaugural mixed martial arts event the FEDERAL FIGHT, the organization is working hard to be a mega event the FEDERAL FIGHT will have eight great Fights, two Belts, a Mega structure, food court, Beautiful Ring Girls, Total security a family oriented event!. in the main event of the event which is also a belt up to 70 kg will be among athletes Geraldo Ferro (former champion of Shooto Brazil) and Igor Pakato fighter of Brasilia very good, another fight will be the featured female combat until 57 kg among Naiara Guerreira and Aline Cruz that promise to make a great fight.

FEDERAL FIGHT tickets are already in points of sales:

Academy Concept Fit.

Açai Japa Sobradinho Paranoa

Nutricorpus Sierra Shoping and 103. North.

Value of tickets:

BLEACHERS: $ 10.00 + 1 kg of food.

CHAIRS: R $ 20,00 + 1 kg of food.




Diego Carranca vs Pedro Paulo
Roger Vieira vs Gabriel Cavalcanti
Lucin Fernandes vs Heberth Indio
Vinicius Boneco vs Jeremias Henrique
Ronny Lopes vs Jackson Oliveira
Naiara Guerreira vs Aline Cruz
Co-Main Event
Claudio Rocha vs Raniere Silva
Main Event
Igor Pakato vs Geraldo Ferro

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