Female duel is the main attraction of the first edition of Samurais do Cerrado


Female duel is the main attraction of the first edition of Samurais do Cerrado


Samurais do Cerrado 3a (1)

Female duel is the main attraction of the first edition of Samurais do Cerrado

They are highlights of the women's MMA in the state of Goiás in Brazil.

Finally, for the general happiness of the MMA maniacs, they will face in the first edition of the new Goiano event, Samurais do Cerrado, which has its debut on May 6 in Goiânia.

The "thick coats of the cerrado" face each other in the main event of the event.

Anapolina, Mayra Cantuária (BTT Anápolis), debuted as a professional MMA fighter in the defunct Arena Combat against Dayane "Mestrinha" (Fibra Fight Team-Brasília). The result with a victory for "Mestrinha", that generated controversy, went into the hands of CNMMA. Fight revised, the official result was a "NO CONTEST".

Mayra also represented Brazil in the Extreme Fighter Championship - CHILE vs SOUTH AMERICA, a Chilean event held in Santiago. The athlete of the Brazilian Top Team, competed the category belt up to 61 kg against the silver of the house, Angy Keller, and brought to Goiás the Chilean ribbon.

  In Jungle Fight, Mayra had two appearances last year.

  In the first performance, in the Jungle 85, Mayra made an electrifying fight against then-holder of the belt of the female weight-class category, Amanda Lemos. It is worth remembering that the women's match in the event, marked audience leadership for the organization. The result was a majority draw.

Already in the Jungle 88, happened the revenge between the goiana and the paraense. This time the goiana suffered a knockout in the third round.

Sarah Frota "A Treta" (GB Jardim America), debuted in professional MMA at NP Fight Night, where she starred in one of the region's most exciting MMA moments. His fight with the also Goiana, Bruna Felício, then representative of the Tem Nogueira Goiânia, reverberated in the universe of the struggles nationally and internationally. With record crowd present and agitated crowd, "A Treta" beat Bruna by finishing with a triangle in the second round.

The rematch happened at NP Fight - Gold, this time the duel was worth the belt of the women's category 57kg of the organization. Sarah Frotat, once again won with an Armlock, still in the first round.

Sarah also holds the belt of the Arena Arena Fire Fight 57kg Challenger event, conquered in a fight against Dayane "Mestrinha" in the city of Anapolis.


Undoubtedly, knowing the trajectory of these two Goiás fighters, there is no doubt that it will be a duel worthy of the captive audience of the MMA in the Midwest region, with no possibility of risking who takes the inaugural belt of Samurais do Cerrado.

Unmissable !


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