Feucht aims to debut on Brave with a championship victory


Feucht aims to debut on Brave with a championship victory


Feucht aims to debut on Brave with a championship victory

Timo_Feucht_Brave COmbat FederationThe eighth edition of Brave Combat Federation in Brazil, will be headlined by the light heavyweight championship title fight between Timo Feucht and Klidson Farias. The fight has captured the prime media attention in Brazil due to the heated debates initiated after Timo where he drew comparisons about the outcome of the bout with the semi-final match at 2014 FIFA World Cup between Germany and Brazil, where German team crushed the host nation at 7-1.

Timo Feucht is one of the hottest rising talents from Germany having a streak of six victories in his professional career. Born and raised in Leipzig in the East of Germany, he started competing professionally at age of nineteen. He fought three times in the first year of his career which earned him the award for “Newcomer of the Year” from GnP1.de – Germany’s biggest and most prestigious martial arts website. Feucht had won the Imperium FC light heavyweight championship last summer by TKO, where he fought Daniel Dörrer, a six-time world champion in kickboxing with more than 150 professional fights under his belt. The Fan Garage had an exclusive interview with the latest acquisition to the Brave roaster from Leipzig, Germany.

You are one of the youngest fighters in Brave Combat Federation. What are your thoughts about Brave Combat Federation?

Brave Combat Federation is a very promising new organization with a global vision. Even though it’s less than a year old, they did six events in five different countries and they have three more scheduled. I am very excited to be the part of such a young, up-and-coming organization, because that’s also what I am as a fighter. I am young and need room for growth and opportunities. Getting to compete for their inaugural light heavyweight title is a huge honor for me along with opportunity to become the youngest champion in the promotion.

Why do you think that you deserve the championship opportunity?

I’m ranked second in Germany and I am the top-ranked prospect at twenty-one years of age or under at light heavyweight in the world. 93kg is a very old weight class with a lot of the top names being close to retirement. I represent the future.

I grew up not only practicing a single martial art, but doing MMA straight from the beginning. I already hold the belt in one of the most prestigious event series in Germany and I have no-one left to fight here, so taking the step into a global platform is the logical next step for my career.

What are your thoughts about taking the fight to the opponent? Do you think that your opponent has the advantage from the home support?

I am not concerned about the fact that this will be an “away match”. Of course, there’s the travel, different climate, food etc. but I believe that overcoming these challenges is part of growing up as a fighter.

At the end of the day, when that cage door closes, it doesn’t matter if the cage stands in an arena in Curitiba, Leipzig, Mumbai or Manama. I will fight my fight and that’s aggressively going after my opponent from the opening bell. My opponent might have the advantage of getting the support from the home fans, but that can quickly turn into pressure as well. He is the hometown favorite; he needs to deliver. How are the fans going to react if the fight isn’t going his way? I, on the other hand, can fight freely.

Can you share some insights about your camp and the coach who is preparing for the championship bout?

I am training ten times per week with my team and my head coach Benny Brinsa. We have a lot of big guys on the team like Marcus Kottke, Vincent Bernhard and Christian Lo Re who help me get ready for this big challenge. I am also training with our friends from La Familia Fight Club in Halle, which is one of the premier kickboxing programs in the country. One of their head coaches and best competitors, Theo Weiland, is also flying out to Brazil with me and will be in my corner.

Since my opponent is well-versed in jiu-jitsu, we are also bringing in some high-level back belts to help me get ready if the fight hit the mat. I feel very comfortable on the ground and have finished some of my fights by submission as well. Getting to roll with some of the best no-gi guys in Europe will shore up my submission defense and also give me the confidence to fight with my opponent in all areas – it doesn’t matter if it’s striking, clinching or on the ground.

Who is one MMA fighter who can be pointed out as your inspiration and why?

Besides my coach Benny who is a role model when it comes to work ethic and dedication, I really like Alexander Gustafsson. I had the honor to train with him leading up to his last fight with Glover Teixeira and he is not only a great fighter who has achieved tremendous things in this sport, but also a very kind and humble person. The path that Alex has walked for the last ten years is the one I want to take as well.

Brave 8 in Brazil is one of the most stacked cards in Brave's history. What are your thoughts about it?

Some of the best fighters in the history of the sport like Anderson Silva or Minotauro Nogueira have come from Brazil. Brave 8 will feature mostly Brazilian fighters and even though most fans from Europe and the Middle East might not be familiar with most of them yet, I’m sure there will be a lot of very talented guys competing on that card.

Is it your first time, headlining a main event? Does it add pressure upon the fighters when they headline an event?

This is actually the third time I am headlining a show. I don’t mind the added attention – put me on the frontline!

Who are some of the fighters in the roaster of Brave Combat Federation who impressed you?

Mohammad Fakhreddine and Carl Booth who will also fight in Curitiba have been very impressive in their fights for Brave so far. I also like Lucas Mineiro – he’s a killer. Someone who has flown under the radar so far, but who is very talented and who I expect big things of is Kuba Kowalewicz from Poland.

What are your thoughts about Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation?

I believe Mohammed Shahid has done an incredible job of putting HH Sheikh Khalid’s vision into practice and turning Brave into one of the most attractive and professional destinations for up-and-coming fighters. Knowing that he comes from humble beginnings as well, I am very impressed with what he has achieved and I am wishing him all the best in continually growing and expanding Brave.

What is the message that you want to give to your opponent?

I am not coming to Brazil to be an also-ran. I will be well-prepared and I am coming to knock him out and take the gold home with me to Leipzig!

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