FFC 22 Athens: Press conference


FFC 22 Athens: Press conference



FFC 22 Athens: Van Roosmalen ready for his first MMA match,

Zhuravlev leaves space in his suitcase for the belt!


The FFC 22 press conference took place this Thursday at 4 PM with most prominent names of the event such as Robin van Roosmalen, one of the world's best kickboxers who is to have his MMA debut this Friday, Ukrainian kickboxer Pavel Zhuravlev, FFC champion Samo Petje, his Greek opponent Meletis Kakoubavas and Florian Marku who is also fighting in the kickboxing part of the event. The press conference was opened by the FFC President Orsat Zovko who introduced the fighters to the media.


„I am proud and happy we inked a deal with Robin. He will fight in the FFC for the next two years and it will be a new challenge for him. In his first match he will face very dangerous opponent. I'm really looking forward to his MMA debut. Further on, Pavel Zhuravlev is well known to all the kickboxing fans as one of the best fighters in his division in general. He got this title shot because he already proved himself a couple of times. When it comes to Samo, Samo is a real FFC product. He has an impressive score and most of his matches ended via KO. He got a Greek opponent who might be his toughest challenge so far. And last but not least, Florian Marku who really impressed me. He will fight Marko Adamovi? and it will be fireworks,“ said Zovko and concluded:


„I'd say this is our best fight card so far and you will see it tomorrow at Faliro Olympic Hall.“


Van Roosmalen trusts FFC…


Robin van Roosmalen who is to have his MMA debut this Friday did not show any signs of nervousness ahead of his upcoming MMA match.


„I am well prepared for this match and I did my preps with Blackzillians in the USA. They are the best team and I am prepared for everything. Of course it will be different because there will be some new elements that I have to deal with like grappling and take downs, but even if the match goes to the ground, I am ready.“


Robin also revealed why he decided to put on the MMA gloves and why he chose this Croatian promotion.


„I've been thinking about doing MMA matches for several years now. I need something new, I want new experience. I've been training with Blackzillians for two years now and I really like it. I've always wanted to do a professional MMA match, but I could not because of my contract. Now I have great contract with FFC and I can fight in Glory as well, so everybody is happy. I can finally do my MMA debut and I hope this will not be my last match in this sport.“


„I've chosen FFC because, you know, promotions promise you many things, but I had a good talk with Orsat and I believe every word he says.“


Pavel Zhuravlev left some space in his suitcase for the belt


Kickboxing part of the FFC 22 event will be headlined by one of the world's top kickboxers, Pavel Zhuravlev. He is to fight experienced Dutch fighter Brian Douwes. Pavel already fought in the FFC ring and he hopes he will be given more new challenges in this promotion.

„Tomorrow I will face a dangerous opponent, but that just makes it more interesting. I left some space in my suitcase for the belt.“

Zhuravlev is determined to win the FFC title and he explained why it would mean so much to him.


„I really like FFC as organization and I like the competition in my division. I would like to keep on fighting in the FFC and I am looking forward to new opponents.“


Petje can't wait for Friday while Kakoubavas plans to dethrone him


But before Zhuravlev and Douwes step into the ring, Slovenia's Samo Petje and Meletis Kakoubavas will warm up the atmosphere in the co-main event. Despite the fact that Samo is holding onto his belt quite well so far he might well meet his toughest opponent this Friday at the Faliro Olympic Hall in Athens.


„I'd like to thank FFC for this new title defense. I trained hard for this match and I can't wait to show it to everybody tomorrow.“

Petje's opponent Meletis Kakoubavas replied and  revealed what he is up to.


„Samo is a very dangerous opponent, but I am ready for that. I will take his belt tomorrow! He is very self-confident and I know he came here to win, but he can think whatever he wants. Tomorrow we'll see if he's really that tough.“


The last one to greet the media was Florian Marku who is to face young Serbian kickboxing rising star Marko Adamovi?.

„I don't think my opponent is something special, but we will see tomorrow. I can only tell you I will leave the ring as winner. And the belt will soon be mine. I promise you that.“


FFC President Orsat Zovko also added that this will definitely not be Marku's last FFC match regardless of the outcome and he explained that winning is not a key factor to fight in his organization since he does not appreciate only the match itself, but the quality of fighter's performance and his ability to entertain the audience.


Watch FFC 22 Athens this Friday at 7 PM CET on www.fightchanneltv.com.

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