FFC 23 Vienna: Interview – Foad Sadeghi


FFC 23 Vienna: Interview - Foad Sadeghi




Foad Sadeghi – Austrian kickboxing legend on

his FFC debut and match with former contender


Final Fight Championship is coming back to Vienna after year and a half to hold its 23rd event! FFC 23 is to take place this Friday, March 18, at Multiversum Schwechat. Excellent fight card and two title matches are more than a good invitation for all the fighting sports fans. A fighter who will definitely attract a lot of interest is the Austrian legend Foad Sadeghi who is to headline the kickboxing part of the evening together with Tigran Movsisyan.

Sadeghi was originally to fight Croatia’s Teo Mikeli? who had to cancel his performance because of an injury. The FFC leaders were thus forced to find a proper replacement on short notice for this fighter who insisted on serious opponent.

And this is when Tigran Movsisyan stepped up. Last year Movsisyan KO’ed Mikeli? and later fought for the title that he lost in a very tight match against Samo Petje.

Constant changes in the fight card are a part of this spot and it is nothing new to Sadeghi who has more than 130 matches under his belt. Sadeghi has seen it all.

‘Everything can happen in this sport and I learned to deal with that kind of problems. Honestly, I don’t know if this change got me a tougher opponent. Now I fight Movsisyan and this is what I have to concentraet on,’ said Sadeghi on the change of his opponent adding that he is in good shape and has no injuries ahead of the upcoming match.’

In what segment is Movsisyan your biggest threat and do you have a message for him?

‘I don’t know what his weapons are and I am not interested to know that. I am fighting since i was 15 years old and i will impose the direction of this match. Message? I like Tigran. He is a good guy and a good fighter. Just let us do a good match and the better fighter shall win.’

You fought numerous fights in Muay Thai and kickboxing. What do you prefer?

‘I prefer kickboxing.’

What about other sports?

‘I tried boxing but I also like swimming. Sometimes I play football too.’

FFC 23 will also mark Sadeghi’s debut in the FFC ring. As expected, the experienced fighter set the bar high for himself.

‘I like FFC . For sure it’s one of the best organizations. I am glad and honored to fight in the FFC, but I also want the title.’

We tried to find you total score, but the information was not consistent. Some say you had more than 200 professional matches. What is your official score?

‘This will be my 133rd match and my 103rd win.’

How often do you fight and how would you describe your special relation with Austrian fighting sports fans?

‘It’s different form year to year, but mostly four to eight times in one year. I have a lot of good friends and sponsors here. I love my fans, it would not be fun without them. They give me strength and I am happy to have them.’

Despite the fact that he has no mercy in the ring, outside of the ring Sadeghi is a very humble person who loves to spend time with his family and friends. They will also be his biggest support in this upcoming match with ‘The Armenian Tiger’ who will do his best to return to the winning streak and secure another title shot.

Watch FFC 23 Vienna this Friday March 15 at 8 PM on www.Fightchanneltv.com.


Zagreb, March 15, 2016 FCC PR

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Zagreb, March 15, 2016 FFC PR



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