FFC 25 Press Release: Weigh-in results


FFC 25 Press Release: Weigh-in results


FFC 25 Springfield weigh-in took place this Thursday at MassMutual Center

Official weigh-in ahead of the FFC 25 event that is to take place tomorrow, June 10 in Springfield, MA, took place today at 5 PM at MassMutuaCenter.As each FFC event so far, FFC 25 will be made up of six top MMA matches and five kick-boxing bouts. Despite the fact that the event will be packed with US fighters who are to make their debut at FFC, this European promotion is also bringing some top European names to their US shows. The MMA fighters who are to headline the event are David Mitchell and Dervin Lopez while Pavel Zhuravlev and Ben Fuimaono will crown the kickboxing part of the show.

Find out more about the official weigh-in results below and watch FFC 25 Springfield live this Friday, June 10, at 8 PM on CBS Sports, Fight Channel or www.fightchanneltv.com where you can also support and vote for your favorite fighter.

FFC 25 – Springfield


David Mitchell (USA) 84kg/185lbs vs. Devin Lopez (USA) 83kg/183lbs
Leonardo Leite (BRA) 83kg/183lbs vs. Matt Masterson (USA) 83.5kg/184.5lbs
Darko Stoši? (SER) 102.2.kg/225.5lbs vs. Manny Murillo (USA) 101kg/223lbs
Tyler East (USA) 109kg/240.5lbs vs. Dale Sopi (USA) 126.5kg/279lbs
Anthony Njokuani 70.5kg/156lbs vs. Leonardo Mafra (BRA) 70.5kg/156lbs
Matthew Wagy (USA) 65.7kg/145lbs  vs. Paul Webb (USA) 64kg/141.5lbs


Pavel Zhuravlev (UKRA) TBM vs. Benjamin Fuimaono (USA) TBM
Denis Marjanovic (BiH) 85kg/187.5lbs vs. Youssouf Saidi (FRA) 84kg/185lbs
Maurice Jackson (USA) 131kg/289lbs vs. Donegi Abena (NED) 103kg/227lbs
Chip Pollard (USA) 83.5kg/184lbs vs. Aaron Hamilton (USA) 81.7kg/180 lbs
Cleveland McLean (USA) 63.2kg/139.5lbs vs. Johnny Baldridge (USA) 62.5kg/138lbs



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