FFC 27 Night of Champions: Weigh in


FFC 27 Night of Champions: Weigh in


FFC 27 Weigh-in: Staring faces off Stošic,
Pejic fails to meet the scales!

FFC 27 weigh-in took place today at the Sheraton Hotel Zagreb and everything is ready for tomorrow’s spectacle that is about to kick off at 8 PM at the Zagreb Arena with nine title bouts!

In the main bout of the MMA part of the event Darko Stošic and Dion Staring will meet again in a highly anticipated and tense rematch since „The Soldier“ is keen on getting his belt back from the Serbian rising star.

When it comes to kickboxing bouts, Samo Petje did a tense face off with his old rival Tigran „The Armenian Tiger“ Movsisyan since the two will meet again tomorrow in the FFC ring.

MMA champ Filip Pejic had troubles with meeting the weight, which he managed to do in the end and the only fighter who did not make it to the weigh-in is Brestovac’s opponent and heavyweight kickboxer Daniel Lentie who will do it later this evening.

There was another last minute change in the fight card as well! Unfortunately, light heavyweight champion Pavel Zhuravlev sustained an injury and will not be able to fight tomorrow. However, Croatia’s own Andy Vrtacic stepped up on extremely short notice considering the fact that this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

FFC 27 weigh-in results:


Samo Petje (70 kg) vs. Tigran Movsisyan (69.7 kg)

Ivan Bilic(77.2 kg) vs. Giorgi Bazanov (75.2 kg)

Denis Marjanovic (85.2 kg) vs. Rene Wimmer (85.6 kg)

Andy Vrticic (90 kg) vs. Clyde Brunswijk (91.5 kg)

Mladen Brestovac (117.3 kg) vs. Daniel Lentie


Filip Pejic (67.1 kg) vs. James Brum (66.4 kg)

Luka Jelcic (69.2 kg) vs. Danilo Belluardo (70.5 kg)

Ivica Trušcek (76.5 kg) vs. Roberto Soldic (76 kg)

David Mitchell (84.3 kg) vs. Andy Manzolo (84.5 kg)

Maro Perak (93.3 kg) vs. Jeremy Kimball (92.3 kg)

Darko Stošic (104.4 kg) vs. Dion Staring (105.4 kg)



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