FFC spectacle in Pore?: Two title matches and epic bouts!

FFC spectacle in Pore?: Two title matches and epic bouts!


FFC 15 will be held in Pore?, Croatia, November 21, while the FFC 15 spectators will have a chance to enjoy a full day of FFC Futures 4 program as well. This is the first time that Final FFC15-B1-posterFight Championship promotion decided to put two events in one day and at the same venue. FFC 15 that will take place in the beautiful sports hall Žatika will include two inaugural FFC title matches. Igor “The Istrian Warrior“ Jurkovi? will try to win the precious light heavyweight belt in the kickboxing part of the event, while Matej Truhan and Viktor Halmi will fight for the lightweight MMA title.

Due to technical reasons, Final Fight Championship decided to put two events in one day. The remaining 4th edition of FFC Futures will as usual start in the morning with some 80 kickboxers and MMA fighters who will try to win the tournament and earn a shot in the finals. However, unlike before, the finals will start at 5 PM and by 8 PM names of the participants of the Super Finale will be known.

"Do Koske" and Halmi fight for title, „Croata“ vs. Peji?

The standard FFC program will start at 8 PM. FFC 15 Pore? brings spectacular fight card with 14 matches; 7 kickboxing and 7 MMA bouts.

Matej “Do Koske“ Truhan from Zagreb, Croatia, and Hungarian fighter Viktor Halmi will fight in the inaugural FFC lightweight category match in the MMA part of the event. Thus this match will replace the one between Francisco “Croata“ Barrio and Vaso Bako?evi? that many fans waited impatiently. However, the FFC leaders did their best to replace this match and raised the bar even higher. The co-main event will include “Croata's“ new bout. He is to fight Croatian MMA star and MMA League champion Filip Peji? who will fight in the FFC for the first time. Despite the fact that it is not officially confirmed yet, the winner of the match will become new featherweight title challenger. So far “Croata” gained many fans during his first two FFC matches, while his last victory over Patrick Pereša was especially impressive. Still undefeated Peji? will definitely face the most difficult challenge so far.

Batini? vs. Salchow

Another excellent Croatian fighter with impeccable score will have a difficult task on his way to the championship. In Pore?, Matej Batini? will fight Nicolai Salchow from Germany. The fighter from Zagreb has a perfect score of 4-0. However, Salchow is also so far undefeated in his professional career and has a reputation as one of the best German fighters in light heavyweight division. In case Batini? wins, he would become the first candidate for the inaugural FFC title in his division with includes really though fighters such as Sakara, Browarski, Sanchez, Perak, Bekavac and Prachnio.

Ruben “The Viking“ Wolf, who landed one of the most brutal KO's in the FFC history, will also fight at the upcoming event in Pore?. His opponent in Zadar Saša Milinkovi? last spring learned how it feels to get KO'ed by a soccer kick, while this KO earned Wolf big popularity and many views on YouTube and social networks. However, this time Wolf will face the best Bosnian heavyweight, Ivo Skopjak. This very promising young fighter has six victories and one loss in his professional career.

Vrbinc seeks revenge in a match against Senyei

Another match in welterweight division will also spice up the spectacular list of MMA fights. One of the big FFC's surprises, Laszlo Senyei from Hungary, will fight against one of the best Slovenian welterweight category fighters, Primož Vrbinc. This bout will be especially charged because Vrbinc will seek revenge for the defeat he suffered from Senyei's coach and colleague, Viktor Halmi. Primož spent last couple of months recovering from the eye injury he sustained in that match, but now he is determined to return to the winning path and revenge his sole defeat in the FFC. In case Senyei wins this match, he will surely become one of the candidates for the FFC welterweight title.

The MMA program at FFC 15 will include other two excellent matches worth mentioning. Ivan “The Braveheart” Gluhak will try to score his third FFC victory in a match against Stanislav Kanchev from Bulgaria, while Patrick Pereša will face Slobodan Maksimovi? who will step into the FFC ring for the first time.

Jurkovi? in a title match on his home ground

As previously mentioned, Igor Jurkovi? from Pore? will headline the kickboxing part of the event in a light heavyweight title match. His original opponent was supposed to be Fred Sikking, his co-fighter from Glory, but he cancelled his appearance due to injury and change of the date. His new opponent is Dennis Stolzenbach from The Netherlands and there is no doubt Igor will attract numerous spectators from his hometown. It should be stressed that the “The Istrian Warrior“ has never been defeated in the FFC ring and he has so far defeated fighters such as Catinas, Kemayo, Tavares and Poturak. Therefore, Igor definitely deserved the title shot.

FFC champion Samo Petje will fight in the co-main event in Pore? in which he is to defend the title he won in Ljubljana. He is to face dangerous fighter from Slovakia, Milan Paleš, who has an excellent score. After spectacular defeat over Teo Mikeli? and winning the first FFC belt in his division, the FFC leaders decided to give Petje another difficult task very soon since he soon became extremely popular in his home country of Slovenia, but in the whole of Europe as well.

One of the most interesting matches in the kickboxing part of the event will also be the one that includes former SuperKombar champion Sergei Lascenko. The Ukrainian fighter is back on the winning track with excellent results. This time his will fight against Poturak's student and one of the best Bosnian heavyweights, Elmir Mehi?. It will be a big test for both of them since it will show whether Lascenko really got back to the winning streak and whether Mehi? is ready for another step forward in his career.


Kujundži?, Marjanovi?...

As expected, Igor Jurkovi?'s gym colleague as well as one of the best FFC light heavyweight fighters, Mladen Kujundži?, will also fight in the FFC ring in Pore?. Mladen started his excellent winning streak two and a half years ago at Cro Cop Final Fight and ever since then he scored a couple of amazing victories and suffered no defeat in the FFC. This time he will fight against Oleksandr Bodruchin from The Ukraine.

The Bosnian audience is surely impatient to see the match between Denis Marjanovi? and Mesud Selimovi?. The both fighter lost in their FFC debut appearances, but they both fought well and definitely deserved a new chance.


FFC 15 - Pore?

November 21, Žatika


Igor Jurkovi? (CRO) vs. Dennis Stolzenbach (NED), -95kg

Samo Petje(SLO) vs. Milan Paleš (SK), -70kg

Sergei Lascenko (UKR) vs. Elmir Mehi? (BiH), HW

Mladen Kujundži? (CRO) vs. Oleksandr Bodruchin (UKR), -95kg

Denis Marjanovi? (BiH) vs. Mesud Selimovi? (BiH), -85kg

Tigran Movsisyan (CZE) vs. Martin Anwar (AUT), -70kg

Ivan Bili? (CRO) vs. Grega Smole (SLO), -77kg


Matej Truhan (CRO) vs. Viktor Halmi (HUN), -70kg

Francisco Barrio (ARG) vs. Filip Peji? (CRO), -66kg

Matej Batini? (CRO) vs. Nicolai Salchow (GER), -93kg

Ruben Wolf (GER) vs. Ivo Skopljak (BiH), HW

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