Fighter to Promoter: New League Fights

As summer quickly approaches so does another fight card from New League Fights, the Bryan, Ohio based promotion.

The next event for the promotion, which features amateur and professional bouts, is set for July 9. This will be their third event, with the first two being held on Jan. 23 and April 16 respectively.

All events thus far have taken place at the Quality Inn and Suites in Holiday City, Ohio.

New League Fights was started by fighter turned promoter and matchmaker, Matt Montalvo, who joined the Drako Sports Impact Hour on May 4 to discuss the transition.

“What I wanted to do was kind of pioneer the sport this way, create a learning environment for fighters in northwest Ohio,” said Montalvo.

Montalvo started by creating New League Fitness, an MMA gym in Bryan. From there he created New League Fights.

He says that being fresh off his own MMA career allows him to relate to the fighters and what they have to go through when they compete.

“I get to feature a lot of local talent and kind of hidden talent in northwest Ohio,” said Montalvo.

He estimated that around 75 percent of his promotions fights featured fighters from his own gym. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he has given them favorable fights.

“We haven’t won every fight and it hasn’t been one sided.”

Montalvo hopes to add a variety of different fighters for future fight cards, including ones from both Michigan and Indiana.

In addition to diversifying his fighters he also wishes for his promotion to hit the road before years end.

“We have big things coming in November,” said Montalvo, referencing a potential fight card in Toledo.

He also mentioned plans to eventually head down to Columbus.

“I feel like we are going to have one of the best promotions around featuring some of the best fighters in the area,” said Montalvo.

The Drako Sports Impact Hour – hosted by Skippy Cohen and Spencer “PabloDiablo” Kirksey –   airs every Wednesday night at 10 pm EST.


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