Final Card Of The ACB 24 Tournament


Final Card Of The ACB 24 Tournament



October 24 at the Moscow Palace of Sports "Dynamo" in Krylatskoye held ACB 24, the final Grand Prix of 2015 in mixed martial arts. Incredibly strong faytkard prepared by international promoter Absolute Championship BERKUT, will not leave indifferent any admirer of this man's sport.

The most anticipated fight of the evening will fight Aslambek Saidov - promising fighter of the club "Berkut", who gained fame, performing in Poland. In its 30 years Saidov held 20 fights in the professional ring, won in 16 of them. At the tournament, he will fight in the welterweight division with the American Samuel Quito (12-4, United States). Intrigue of the evening will be the return of Sergei "Honda" Khandozhko (19-2, Russia) after losing to Albert Duraevu last match. The tournament ASV 24 He shall come into the Octagon with Guilherme «Cubano» Martinez (7-2, Cuba).

Just four spectacular duel within the final Grand Prix identify the strengths in different weight categories:

Peter «No Mercy» Yan (4-0, Russia) will show all his skill and desire to win in a fight with a worthy opponent Murad Kalamovym (5-0, Russia) bantamweight champion. Light heavyweight Muslim Mahmudov (7-2, Russia) and Hussein Kushagov (4-1, Russia) will prove who is worthy of the belt in its category. Heavyweights Michal «Longer» Andrishak (14-5, Poland) and Salimgerey Rasulov (13-6, Russia), the same will come to a spectacular fight, which was moved from the last tournament due to injury Michal Andrishaka. The main event of the evening will be the fight Zabita Magomedsharipova (9-2, Russia), with Abdul-Rahman Temirov (8-0, Russia) for the title at featherweight.

In preparation for the tournament fighters emotions going through the roof, many of them have already made strong statements about the forthcoming victory. Isaac Pimentel (14-5, Brazil), Brazilian champion in jiu-jitsu, the owner of a brown belt in BJJ, recently said: "Today, I formed a fighter, and I can guarantee that, going into the cage, will fight as if My life is at stake, and shall win! ". To prove his words the athlete will have to fight with Marcin Lasota (9-1, Poland) in Moscow.

In addition, at a press conference before the tournament DIA 24 finally announced the five winners of the open selection of young fighters "Striking Eagles", which have applied for more than 450 fighters from 30 countries.

Here is the final card of the ACB 24 tournament:

14. (65.8 kg) Zabit Magomedsharipov (9-2, Russia) vs Abdul-Rahman Temirov (8-0, Russia)

13. (93? kg) Michal «Longer» Andryszak (14-5, Poland) vs Salimgerei Rasulov (13-6, Russia)

12. (77.1 kg) Samuel Quito (12-4, Brazil) vs Aslambek Saidov (16-4, Poland)

11. (61.2 kg) Petr «No Mercy» Yan (4-0, Russia) vs Murad Kalamov (5-0, Russia)

10. (77.1 kg) Rene Pessoa (11-3, Brazil) vs Sergei "Honda" Khandozhko (19-2, Russia)

9. (93kg) Muslim Mahmudov (7-2, Russia) vs Hussein Kushagov (4-1, Russia)

8. (70.3 kg) Adrian Zielinski (14-3, Poland) vs Andrei Koshkin (13-4, Russia)

7. (65.8 kg) Giorgos Paschalidis (5-1, Greece) vs Yusuf "Borz" Raisov (6-0, Russia)

6. (70.3 kg) Alexander Chernov (5-3, Russia) vs Djambulat Kurbanov (7-1, Russia)

5. (61.2 kg) Filip Macek (14-8, Czech Republic) vs Evgeny Lazukov (8-2, Russia)

4. (61.2 kg) Bruno "Jacare" Dias (19-7, Brazil) vs Magomed "Tiger" Magomedov (11-1, Russia)

3. (70.3 kg) Eddie "Fast" Ellis (19-15, USA) vs Evgeny Lahin (12-5, Russia)

2. (56.7 kg) Marcin Lasota (9-1, Poland) vs Isaac Pimentel (14-5, Brazil)

1. Zaira "Golden Girl" Dyshekova (2-1, Russia) vs Eeva Siiskonen (3-3, Finland)

Live broadcast starts at 19:00 at the "Boytsovsky klub" and "Boyets" TV. From 22:00 watch it live at the "Russia 2" TV.


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