Frank Muñoz ahead of his match with Poturak: ‘It is all or nothing!’


Frank Muñoz ahead of his match with Poturak: ‘It is all or nothing!’




Frank Muñoz ahead of his match with Poturak: ‘It is all or nothing!’

Final Fight Championship 7 is about to take place this Friday, March 13 in Sarajevo. The kickboxing part of the event includes some very exciting matches with Dževad Poturak and Frank Muñoz as headliners.

Kickboxing lovers in the region already had a chance to see Frank Muñoz live when he fought at K-1 World Grand Prix Finale in Zagreb in 2012. Back then he was defeated by Mladen Brestovac while this time his opponent will be Bosnian star Dževad Poturak.

"Poturak is well-known and experienced fighter who fought some big names such as Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem. He might not be perfect technically but he is courageous and he never gives up. I honestly appreciate him as fighter and I appreciate everything he's done in his career,“ said Frank Muñoz.

This 31 year old Spanish fighter from Barcelona has a score of 60 wins (31 via (T)KO) and 16 losses. In his last match he was defeated by his fellow countryman Cesar Cordoba which disrupted his winning streak. However, he will try to score new victory in Sarajevo.

"I think the motivation is my biggest advantage at the moment. I know that the audience in Sarajevo will not be disappointed with what they will see in the ring. All they can expect is real war and spectacle rarely seen. In this match it is all or nothing," said Muñoz.

In 2013 Muñoz won SuperKombat Fighting Championship and became the European WAKO-Pro K-1 champion. During his career he had tough matches against strong opponents, while some of them he will always remember.

"I once fought in Thailand where I participated in a reality show called 'Enfusion'. My opponent was Armenian, Sahak Parparyan. I beat him, but it was one of the toughest matches in my career. I remember that match well. I didn't even have a coach in my corner. My other tough opponents were Rico Verhoeven and Mladen Brestovac, but the one that I was really impressed with was Nathan Corbett. He's the best Muay Thai heavyweight fighter in history. "

Muñoz has a lot more to prove in his career, but he is satisfied with what he has done so far.


"If I retired right now I would be very happy with what I have achieved. In fact, I always look in the future and the mistakes I made in the past helped me become a better fighter and the man I am right now. Therefore I have no regrets.“

His future plans are not exclusively related to professional fights.

"My plan is to graduate sports management at the University of Amsterdam and at the same time continue to fight. But it is difficult to balance all that. It is not easy to completely devote yourself to your studies and trainings that require top level," said Frank Muñoz who will fight under the FFC banner for the first time in Sarajevo.

"Final Fight is an excellent and respected promotion which is constantly growing and is very strong in this part of Europe. I hope they will continue to do such a good job and soon come to my homeland, to Spain. It would be great, we have a great venues that can take numerous spectators." 

Zagreb, March 9, 2015

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