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Royalty Combat X “Anniversary”

Royalty Combat LLC. Is proud to present our tenth event Saturday December 19th of 2015. Royalty Combat “Anniversary” will take place in the town of Quebradillas, in the northwest region of the island, in the Pedro Hernandez Coliseum, 3,000 fans capacity. In this event we will be presenting 12 MMA fights. The biggest event of 2015 in Puerto Rico.This will be an all amateur card. In the Main Event, champion Francisco “Kravinho” Muniz 2-1 from Tristar Puerto Rico defends his featherweight title against Ricky Nieves 1-1 from Farang Arecibo. In the co-main event we have the number one contender fight of that same title, when Gustavo Cotto 2-1 faces wrestler Julio Morales 2-1.

The rest of the fight card features a middleweight fight between Hector “Panda” Rivera 1-0 from Pedro’s Combat vs Alberto “Ram” Delgado 0-0 of Dux Ryu Warriors. Another featherweight fight between Royalty Combat veterans also take part of this years end card, when prospect Emanuel Hernandez 1-0 from Ichy’s Fighting Academy faces Giovanny Muniz 2-4 from Cage Warriors Florida. The little guys also join the card, at 110 pound limit; Kevin Ocasio 0-2 faces debutant Jairo Cesareo 0-0. Another war brewing between veterans, Oscar Jauridez 1-1 faces Ivan Mercado 2-1. A battle of debutants at the welterweight division also on the card. Robert Martinez faces Lino “Toa” Disla.

Franklyn Torres 2-2 returns to the cage to face newcomer Edgar “Bebo” Roman 0-0. In a 125 pound contest Joshua Jimenez 1-1 faces another newcomer Jorge Omar Espinosa 0-0. Teammates Tristen James and Jose Dominguez both debutants face Jaed Campana at 120 pounds and Kenny Medina at 135 pounds, respectively, both also debutants. Also Alexander Rodriguez 0-2 faces Otoniel Ayala 0-0 in the featherweight division.

This will mark our last event of 2015, with a full lineup of 12 mma bouts. Constituted of fighters from all over the country. We look forward to 2016 were we are compromise to continue developing amateur talent, but also professional fights will be part of our venture.

About Royalty Combat:

Royalty Combat LLC. Is a Combat Sport Company founded in Quebradillas Puerto Rico in 2014. Our goals are to develop the best possible talent nationally and internationally possible.  Puerto Rico is a country that has developed a lot of top tier boxers in their history now we want to develop a new wave of fighters but in MMA. Wilfredo Lopez is the president of the company, which has started this amateur model in 2014 but very soon professional events will also be part of Royalty Combat. Historically this will be the 10th event on a 13 month period.





Fight Card:

Blue Corner vs Red Corner

Fight #1 £ 125

Joshua Jimenez Soto Anibal Ichy Gonzalez vs 1-1 Jorge Omar Espinosa Francisco Luis Perez 0-0

Fight #2 £ 145

Alexander J Rodriguez 0-2 of @tato olmo vs Otoniel Ayala Miguel Arce 0-0

Fight #3 

Tristen James Orlando Tiky Sanchez vs 0-0 Jaed Louis CampanaSamuel Kumori González 0-0

Fight #4 £ 145

0-0 Edgar Joel Roman Xiomy Franky Pedro Alvarez vs Franklyn Torres 2-2 Mike Erosa

Fight #5 £ 135

@Jose Dominguez 0-0 Tiki Orlando Sanchez vs Kenny Medina Juan Luis Morales 0-0

Fight #6 £ 170

0-0 Roberto Martinez Tirado Lino C. Disla Abraham Galva vs 0-0 of Samuel Kumori González

Fight #7 £ 155

Ivan Mercado 2-1 Anibal Ichy Gonzalez Vs O.J. Jdez Oscar Jauridez 1-1

Fight #8 £ 110

Kevin G. Ocasio Rosario 0-2 of Pedro Alvarez vs Jairo Cesareo 0-0 Mike Erosa

Fight #9 £ 145

Emanuel Hernandez Sanchez 1-0 Anibal Ichy Gonzalez Vs Giovanny Muniz Kenneth Joseph 2-4

Fight #10 £ 185

Hector Luis Rivera Morales 1-0 of Pedro Alvarez vs Alberto Delgado0-0 of Samuel Kumori González

Fight #11 150 libras CO-MAIN EVENT

Julio Morales Gustavo J Cotto 1-1 vs 2-1 of Mike Erosa

MAIN EVENT 145 pound Royalty Combat TITLE

Ricky Nieves Dennis Vega vs 1-1 Francisco G. Muniz Joshua Aleman Garcia 2-1



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